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Ex-Beatle John Lennon's UFO drawing and other sketches up for auction

Drawing by John Lennon of "Walls and Bridges" doodles
Drawing by John Lennon of "Walls and Bridges" doodles
Photo: CooperOwen

In 1974, former Beatle John Lennon claimed to have seen a UFO in New York City. He was living in an apartment on the East Side of Manhattan with girlfriend May Pang when he saw the flying saucer from his balcony. May Pang also saw the large circular object.

The sighting will forever live in history because Lennon included a statement about it on the sleeve of his 1974 album, "Walls and Bridges," which said: "On 23 August 1974 at 9 o'clock I saw a UFO."

Lennon also drew a picture of a UFO, most likely inspired by his sighting, when sketching out ideas for the cover of his "Walls and Bridges" album. The flying saucer appears in a New York City-type scene with the initials "UFOER" on it. The drawing was done on both sides of a blank record sleeve.

This rare drawing will be auctioned off along with several other John Lennon sketches from the 1970s on Friday March 21 by CooperOwen Auctions in London. The drawings were given to guitarist Jesse Ed Davis from Lennon. Davis was a session musician who played lead guitar on Lennon's albums "Walls and Bridges" and "Rock and Roll".

Other drawings by Lennon to be auctioned include scenery in Japan from 1979 and a sketch of Lennon, Pang and Harry Nilsson in Palm Springs in 1974.

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