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Event photo proves police aware of potentially lethal gun ‘buyback’ dangers

Why are police encouraging the uninitiated to handle and transport guns withouot even basic safety training?
Why are police encouraging the uninitiated to handle and transport guns withouot even basic safety training?
Photo by David McNew/Getty Images

The City of New Haven held its second so-called gun “buyback” of the month on Saturday, The New Haven Register approvingly “reported,” complete with parroting anti-gun talking points and repeating gushing hyperbole from a career-motivated “Only Ones” spokesflack.

“These guns will never see the light of day again,” Asst. Police Chief Al Vazquez boasted dutifully of the 40 firearms the gift card swap garnered this time out. The results of the month’s first event, along with all the flaws in reasoning, as well as the actual dangers such events create, were highlighted in a recent JPFO alert illustrating how those acting in the name of “common sense gun safety” were actually endangering the lives of everyone participating, as well as everyone they passed within proximity of.

“Anyone who knows the first thing about guns will tell you never to touch one unless you know what you're doing,” the article observed. “Do the widows turning in a rusty clunker that's been in the closet for decades know Cooper's rules for how you treat a gun, where you point it, what's behind where you're pointing it and where your finger never ought to be until you're ready to fire? Does everyone ... know how to check the types of firearms they're turning in to see if they're unloaded, and to safely do that if they're not? Including checking for a round in the chamber instead of just relying on removing the magazine? Do they know how to safely and legally transport firearms, so if they happen to be stopped by police they're not in violation of the law before the promised amnesty comes into play? Do they know how to safely hand a gun over to another person?

“Are those urging the ignorant and inexperienced to handle guns in public offering training, just to make sure?” it asked.

It’s not an imaginary concern, as the photograph accompanying this article makes clear. The picture was taken on May 31 by David McNew for Getty Images, at a Los Angeles “buyback” held after the Isla Vista stabbings/shootings/car rammings. It shows a police officer at the event clearing a semiautomatic handgun to ensure there is no round in the chamber that can be negligently discharged, meaning authorities did not just blindly trust that those turning in guns knew what they were doing, and acknowledged the activity was potentially lethal.

At least some in LAPD seem to have improved their “buyback” gun-handling skills since an event last year when the department was endangering themselves and everyone around them with the most fundamental of gun safety violations. Whether their citizen disarmament colleagues in Jersey City have also modified their trigger discipline remains to be seen.

Longtime readers will recall a federal law enforcement “professional” shooting himself and endangering a classroom full of school kids is how the concept of the “Only Ones” originated.


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