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Erik Rush: Obama is causing World War III to destroy America

Erik Rush
Erik Rush
Fox News

On March 13th, 2014, Erik Rush's squealing temper tantrum over the presence of democracy in the United States and his inability to brutally murder anyone who disagrees with him continued.

This time, Rush writes that "it is common knowledge" (which is Rush-speak for "I just pulled this out of my ass") that Obama is using the crisis in Ukraine "to touch off World War III," but the American press (whom Rush insists should all be executed as traitors) is hiding Obama's James Bond-esque plan just as it supposedly covered up "voter fraud" and his administration's "treason and perhaps murder in the case of the Benghazi attack."

As usual, Rush also attempts to preempt his critics by accusing all of them of being in on the conspiracy theories.

"As the despot Obama devastates our economy and incrementally enslaves us, the press continues to prioritize trivialities like climate change and gender identity issues, while obediently paving the way for the odious, toxic witch who believes she is heir apparent to the presidency," Rush insists. "Should Americans ever reach a level of consciousness sufficient to perceive the crimes of the press, I only hope there will be hell to pay for them as well."

As a reminder, the people Rush insists should be put to death are anyone who refuses to support his insistence that President Obama tried to detonate nuclear bombs on American soil.