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Eric Cantor hypes new GOP healthcare plan

Eric Cantor file photo
Eric Cantor file photo

After hammering out an appropriations package to avoid another shutdown that didn’t include any GOP attachments to defund or repeal the Affordable Care Act, President Barack Obama and the Democrats can’t celebrate much Republican acquiescence on Obamacare.

Over 40 votes to overthrow the president's plan by House conservatives failed, but instead of getting on board with the ACA, which has already received 3 million enrollees after a rocky start, GOP lawmakers simply intend to rally the wagons around another plan of attack: A healthcare proposal of their own, something they have failed to do with any success so far.

Majority Leader Eric Cantor spoke with Major Garrett on Face the Nation Sunday about their proposed healthcare plan, but he was vague on details and the few that Garrett managed to ferret out sounded a lot like the plan John McCain used in his 2008 presidential bid and Mitt Romney couldn’t sell in 2012.

There was no acknowledgment by Cantor the ACA (which was based on Republican policies), is finally moving forward and should hit the target of 7 million enrollees by March 31. Instead, his talking points focused on the initial problems of cancelled policies, etc., while prophesizing there will continue to be more problems since Obamacare is on “borrowed time” (his opinion).

When pressed by Garrett for details about the Republican plan, Cantor offered this double-speak , “Well, that’s what we talked about today — this weekend — I mean this week at our retreat. I believe firmly that we will have a vote on an alternative for a healthcare system that works for people.”

Garrett tried several times to nail Cantor down on a timeline given the fact that Republicans already claimed they would possibly release their own version of healthcare last fall, which never materialized.

MAJOR GARRETT: Who’s leading up that effort [on the GOP plan]? And when will we see it?

ERIC CANTOR: Listen. Well first of all, let me talk about what’s in it. Because, you know, we are going to deal with those pre-existing conditions. We don’t want them to go without coverage. We just deal with it in a way, and provide high risk pools, so that we can limit the increase in costs for everybody else and do it in a much more effective manner. We say folks ought to have choice of their insurance companies. Let them purchase across state lines. Help bring down prices. And then we say, you know, we ought to have patient-centered care, not care dictated by Washington, which is why we want to promote health savings accounts. These are the kind of things that are in our proposal.

Health Savings accounts and tax credits have already been rejected by Americans when they voted for Barack Obama twice, instead of McCain or Romney.

If that is the core of a Republican healthcare plan, which critics say would “result in a 35 percent increase for the 150 million Americans who get their health insurance from the employer and take away healthcare from 9.3 million people,” then clearly Republicans are just repeating their vendetta against President Obama at the expense of hard-working Americans.

To see video of Face the Nation with Eric Cantor interview click here.

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