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Ergo Proxy episode 12: Hideout

Title screen
Title screen

As Vincent and Re-L reunite, the latter seeks answers. Vincent doesn't have all of them, but he does fill her in on what he's discovered so far, that he is a Proxy and that he's killed two others thus far.

Re-L is skeptical, but she doesn't dismiss the idea either. She wants proof one way or the other. One method she has is to test a weapon that we learn Daedalus gave her before she left Romdo. It is a gun that uses custom bullets that could, in theory, kill a Proxy. While Re-L says that the bullets are harmless to humans, she still can't bring herself to test the weapon on Vincent.

She's given the opportunity to test it later, when the group is attacked by another Proxy and a companion auto-reiv. Its presence triggers Vincent's transformation and the two throw down. It's a good fight, but it does have a larger impact on the plot as Re-L sees the transformation herself. This puts her into a bit of inner conflict as she is driven to kill it, but has reasons to keep Vincent alive as well.

Re-L kills the other Proxy and tells Vincent that she'll join him on his quest of discovery. She does make a point to tell him that when all is said and done, she'll use the last bullet on him. It was a great moment for her. It's good to have her back in the fold again and the dynamic between the two should be interesting to see play out from here.

This was a good refresher episode. Vincent goes over some things with Re-L and even she reflects on how things have changed since she left Romdo. The remainder of the plot is simple, but it did advance some character things. As said before, the fight was solid. We aren't given any information on the antagonist proxy or its companion. I suspect the latter will come into play later as it survived the encounter and was shown to watch the group as they left.

I'm not sure why Iggy was so insistent that Re-L abandon her goals and go back to Romdo. It may be a moot point as she tells him to go on without her, but we'll see. If he does return, he should probably bring back some more of those bullets. I have a feeling that one isn't going to be enough.

I'm not sure what the title has to do with anything. Even the alternate title "When You're Smiling" isn't all that relevant. Yeah, Vincent tells Re-L he loves her, but he never brings up her smile and even that plot point is fairly small all things considered. It does add to the awkward dynamic between the two, what with her wanting to kill him and all. This trip is going to be uncomfortable to say the least.

It was good to get back into this show. I need to get back into gear and get caught up on these shows that should have been done a while ago. As it is, this episode may not have been mind blowing, but it was the episode that I needed.

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