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EP Armory establishing legal defense fund to protect polymer precursor receivers

Unelected ATF bureaucrats evidently do not trust Americans with forbidden pieces of plastic.
Unelected ATF bureaucrats evidently do not trust Americans with forbidden pieces of plastic.
Chris C./EP Armory

Acknowledging a necessary self-imposed silence as they marshal their legal resources following a March raid by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco Firearms and Explosives in which polymer precursor receivers were seized, EP Armory (the manufacturer that supplied Ares Armor, itself the subject of ATF raids) issued a statement Monday updating customers and supporters on the status of their legal plight.

“[W]e have been taking concrete actions to protect both our interests, and the privacy rights of our customers,” the company stated. “Through ... ongoing discussions with ATF officials, ATF lawyers, and lawyers with the United States Attorney’s Office, our lawyers at Michel & Associates, P.C. hope to convince the ATF investigators that these polymer precursor receivers are not ‘firearms’ under the law, should not be regulated as such, that these investigations should be concluded, and the seized records and property returned.”

Still, EP is hard-pressed doing it all alone, the release admitted, acknowledging “We need your support to win this fight! To help us fund and win this legal battle, we will set up an ‘EP Armory Legal Defense Fund.’”

This column will provide more information on that when it becomes available. In the mean time, a page at the Michel & Associates website provides related court filings and reference materials, and EP Armory has outlined ways customers can show support now.

“Once we win our fight to resume sales of our EP80 polymer lower non-firearm, we will promptly ship EP80's,” they pledge. “Of course, if you would prefer to support us by purchasing another of our products, we still have the entire remainder of our product line available, including our aluminum 80% lower receivers, which the ATF has not mischaracterized as ‘firearms’ under the law, and which were not seized.”


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