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Enraged dog attacks 3, is killed two weeks after rescue

Saul was fatally shot to death at the scene of the attack.
Saul was fatally shot to death at the scene of the attack.

A dog saved from a Union City, North Carolina shelter was shot to death by an officer while his rehabilitation was being documented by his rescuer and his trainer.

The German Shepherd, formally named Paul and renamed Saul, had a history of aggression and was in the middle of a training session when the attack took place. His story was documented on his own Facebook page which was dedicated to promoting the rehabilitation of dogs with a bite history.

21 hours ago, the dog's personal Facebook page had the following to say: "Friends and supporters, it is with a very heavy heart that I report the death of Saul, AKA Paul. On Sunday April 13, during a socialization session with Saul, he lashed out at an adult that has extensive experience with many types of dogs and knew of Saul’s history."

The post went on to recount the terrifying attack that included turning on the owner when they intervened. "I received the brunt of attack to my hands and forearms to keep others safe."

A frantic call to 911 dispatched animal control officers to the scene. After several attempts, the dog simply could not be subdued and he had to be shot.

Dual Purpose Dog Training has stated that "Saul only barked at those who he did not know and quickly changed his mood and demeanor with positive reinforcement of wanted behavior. He showed a high level of intelligence and willingness to please without signs of aggression during training or routine socializations."

Sadly, the dog was just simply unpredictable with a somewhat unknown history. When his owner was questioned about where he came from and how Saul ended up in her hands, she stated that there had been a signed "non-disclosure waiver." Certainly not a good sign.

"Please give us time to recover," pleaded his handler the day following what had to have been the worst day in a dog-lover's life.

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