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Enjoy your relationships

Take the time to create some enjoyment within your relationships.
Take the time to create some enjoyment within your relationships.
Photo by: Don Jambo

Many a time, we go through our days, interacting with people (known and unknown) in a ritualistic manner. We wake up. We live with them. We work with them. We go to sleep. Then we do it again…day after day. And a good portion of those days, we interact with people that we would say are “important” to us, yet our interactions may not make the same statement. In all honesty, our interactions sometimes tell of a lack of enjoyment at times. If the people we interact with the most are indeed important to us, then the enjoyment of our relationships ought to say so.

Though there aren’t any set-in-stone, step-by-step set of guidelines to follow, here are a few tips to help you experience full satisfaction from enjoying your relationships:

  1. Be creative. There won’t ever be any two people that are exactly alike. Likewise, there won’t ever be any two relationships that are exactly alike. So, treat your relationships as such. Don’t treat them as if they are cookie-cutter products of ritualistic practice. Cater to the uniqueness of your relationships. Recognize the specific things within your relationships that you enjoy and give them an individual amount of specific attention. Be creative and enjoy the people in your life for who they are as an individual.
  2. Be genuine. Enjoying your relationships should be an act of the heart, with the sole and primary objective being enjoying your relationships with the specific people involved. There should not be any ulterior motives. Other than gaining enjoyment, there should not be any attempts for personal gain. There should not be any attempts of malice. There should not be any attempts to cause jealousy in other people. Again, your only objective should be showing a specific person what it is that you enjoy about your relationship with them. Ulterior motives will do nothing more than damage your relationships.
  3. Take your time. Other than with people you just met, most of your relationships have been formed and developed over time, so, it is only fitting that you take your time in using your creativity, authenticity, and ingenuity when seeking enjoyment within them. Taking your time is beneficial for two reasons. First, it will relieve any self-imposed pressures of feeling rushed, allowing you to be more effective. Secondly, it will relieve you of feelings of being overwhelmed. Even too much of a good thing can be overwhelming. Taking your time in seeking relational enjoyment will allow you to focus on your relationships in a manageable capacity, rather than attempting to clump them all together in one big process.

Seeking enjoyment from your relationships should be stress-free and fulfilling. Being creative, being genuine, and taking your time are only a few of unlimited ways to maximize the enjoyment within your relationships. Further maximize your enjoyment by acknowledging who you are within your relationships and cater to others by making yourself more enjoyable as well.

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