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Emily Fedorko, 16, killed by boat propeller: Distraught friend witnessed horror

A teen, who was on the boat when 16-year-old Emily Fedorko was killed by a boat’s propeller conveys the horror she felt as she witnessed her friend’s tragic accident. 15-year-old Sabrina Thuber, who was a classmate of Emily’s at Greenwich High School, was one of the three teenage girls with Emily tubing on Long Island Sound off the shore of Greenwich, according to E Canada Now on Aug. 9.

Connecticut teen, Emily Fedorko, dies when caught in boat propeller tubing on Long Island Sound.

The 21-foot Wahoo powerboat was owned by the father of the girl driving and the four friends would often go boating for the day. The girl who was driving he boat was licensed and had grown up boating on Long Island Sound, so she was very familiar with boating safety.

Sabrina said that the girl driving the boat is distraught over this terrible accident. Family members of the girl driving the boat said she was very comfortable on the water, she is licensed and a member of the Riverside Yacht Club. “She is very sad and freaked out,” said the family member.

It was around 2 p.m. when Emily and another girl were tubing, with her other two friends in the boat that was towing the tube. They hit a bump and Emily and the other girl were tossed into the water, something that happens frequently when tubing.

The girl turned the boat around to pick up Emily and the other girl when the girls were hit by the boat’s propellers. The driver accidentally crashed the rear of the boat into the girls. Sabrina and the driver of the boat pulled the injured girls on board and took off for the Stamford Yacht Club dock.

Emily was believed to have been killed on impact. She had deep cuts all over her torso. The other girl had deep cuts in her left leg and she is recuperating after she had extensive stitching in her leg at Stamford Hospital. The names of the injured girl or the girl who was driving the boat have not been released.

No charges were brought against the 16-year-old girl driving the boat. It is not known what happened to have the rear end of the boat hit the two girls in the water.

According to the New York Post, Sabrina tweeted on Wednesday night after the accident:

“Still cant believe what I witnessed today, you will never leave my heart and I will miss you forever.”

Emily was an accomplished gymnast, honor student, played field hockey and she was an all-around good kid, according to the people who knew her. The four girls who were tubing together were described as a “tight group of friends,” by Jack Martin, a classmate of Emily’s.

This wasn’t the first time the four went tubing this summer, said Martin. He also said; “Emily was one of the nicest girls I’ve ever met.”

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