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Emaciated dog who was rescued in Phoenix has died

Catalina, the five-year-old pit bull who was rescued in early April by Medical Animals in Need (MAIN) in Phoenix, Ariz., has died.

Catalina, known to those who loved her as "Ms. Catniss," battled against two serious diseases, but her skeletal body made that fight impossible.

Days ago, the following words were written by the person who knew Ms. Catniss the best - her foster mom:

A spirit like Miss Catniss just can't be contained - her high standards for food fare, her stubbornness while walking outside, her indomitable will for life, her insistence on constant affection...all of it!

And so it is that her earthly body, as broken down as it was, couldn't contain her spirit anymore. Miss Catniss went to run with the wind, the sun on her face and seeing every detail of the Rainbow Bridge this afternoon. She was surrounded by the love and support missing from her life for so long and that she got back in spades from so many people around the world.

And maybe that's why she felt safe enough to leave now. Maybe. We don't get to know the why for these things. We get to find the pieces of our hearts scattered all over the face of hope. And we got the pleasure of knowing this bigger-than-life girl. And we get the reassurance her body is not holding her back anymore.

Tonight, her family will be enjoying her favorites - grilled ribeye, steamed mashed carrots, and scrambled eggs while basking in the desert sun. We will look up at the end of the night, enjoying the stars she liked to walk under. And we will do this in honor of the incomparable Miss Catniss tonight.

And then we will return to the work of saving the next animal tomorrow. Because, for all of her spirit and attitude, perhaps her greatest accomplishment was the spotlight she was able to shine on abused animals. And we would be remiss in not honoring that in her memory.

She did not endure for this long in vain!
Goodnight Miss Catniss, and Godspeed on the next leg of your journey. You ARE loved and you WILL be missed."

Rest in peace Catalina.

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