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Elf bike: Car-bicycle hybrid for sale

The ELF bike is part car and part bicycle. Developed by Organic Transit in Durham, North Carolina, it costs only $5,000. According to The Inqusitr on August 1, 2013, customer Dave Stewart wanted to save on delivery charges.

Elf bike: Car-bicycle hybrid for sale

"Stewart purchased one of the ELF bikes from Organic Transit but didn’t want to pay the $1000 delivery charge. To avoid the fee, Stewart flew down to pick up his bike and is now on a 1200 mile journey back to his home in Massachusetts. "

His ELF bike was only the 40th off the assembly line so far. It runs off of a battery, which can be charged by either plugging it in, or included solar panels. It can attain a top speed of around 30 mph. Drivers can either fully engage the battery or just use it as an assist when pedaling.

Currently the ELF bike is being produced in a single factory at the rate of one vehicle per day. The company is planning open up a west coast operation soon. This will increase production and get more of them into the hands of customers nationwide.

ELF was funded by a Kickstarter project in January. They raised over $225,000, nearly two and a half times the $100,000 they were going for. The ELF bike is intended to bridge the gap between a car and bicycle. The ELF is classified as a bike in all 50 states.

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