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Elegant fall wedding ideas

Elegant & Simple
Elegant & Simple

Fall's rich colors, cooler temperatures and spiced scents make it a perfect time to plan your fall wedding. So whether you have just started planning or need a few extra ideas, it's easy to find inspiration for a fall wedding.

Night in the Park

Design an elegant fall wedding in Atlanta that pays homage a season that is all about texture, deliciously rich colors, glamorous touches, and a few natural elements.

Textured Linens

This season, wedding decor is all about texture. That means tablecloths in tactile, visually intriguing materials like quilted or ruched silk, linen, velvet, or even Ultra suede. Use fabric with a crimped look or multiple textures (like organza embroidered with bits of chenille), or layer two tablecloths (think sheer velvet on top of taffeta). BBJ Linen of Atlanta is a great location to take care of all your fabric needs.

Dramatic Glass

Black glass or crystal will add a fashionable and unique touch to tabletops as onyx crystal goblets or vases. Fill the vases with champagne-colored flowers to heighten the drama. TLC Rents has everything thing you need to have a great reception service.

Less is More

Rather than tons of tiny votives, make a statement with thick pillar candles in rich hues like pomegranate and aubergine. Display them in beds of big crystals for a glitzy and glam effect.

Mood Lighting

By using LED light fixtures, you can easily change the mood for different portions of the party. Start cocktails with a sunny effect; move to pink and purple sunset tones on the walls and ceiling during dinner; and then slowly morph into a deep blue with white "stars" as you and your guests take to the dance floor. Want something more extrzvagent try Full Circle Lighting & Production in Atlanta.

Think big, think creatively, and use the vivid colors of fall to plan for your fall wedding!

Happy Planning!!


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