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eBay BOLO – My Buddy Doll

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A BOLO, or “be on the lookout” item, is an item that can bring big money on eBay but may be rare, hard to find, no longer in production, or discontinued. The basic law of supply and demand applies for BOLOs – the less there is of something, the more it is worth. One BOLO is the My Buddy doll from the 1980s.

Hasbro produced the doll starting in 1985, with the objective of creating a doll to appeal to little boys. Much controversy surrounded the idea of a boy doll, since most dolls are associated with little girls. For more insight on the controversy, refer to the almost 200 comments on this YouTube video of the original My Buddy TV commercial.

The original doll was a Caucasian boy with brown hair, brown eyes, red baseball cap, blue overalls, and multi-color striped shirt. A boy doll with blonde hair was introduced shortly thereafter. Later, a My Buddy Little Sister came along. She also was Caucasian, but with blonde hair and blue eyes and wearing a pink outfit. African American dolls were added to the line – both a boy and girl.

In the 1990s, Playskool took over the My Buddy line and the dolls clothing was no longer removable, but sewn directly onto the doll. These dolls are not mechanical nor do they have moving parts. They don’t talk or do anything special. They are, however, collectible.

My Buddy dolls can sell on eBay for over $200 if new in the box. Used dolls have sold for over $100, depending on the version. eBay shows 245 sold completed listings for the original My Buddy boy doll in used condition. If the used doll isn’t is great condition, consider selling just the clothing as the outfits can go for $25 or more. See this listing for the original My Buddy clothing – overalls, shirt, and plastic shoes.

A new in box My Buddy Doll is definitely a BOLO to add to any eBay seller’s list.



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