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Eating marijuana may be worse than smoking it

Marijuana vs. smoking
Marijuana vs. smoking

A man is accused of killing his wife after eating marijuana candy. A Wyoming student jumped off the balcony of a Denver hotel after eating a cookie containing marijuana. The student purchased the cookie from a marijuana store deemed the pot shop.

There have been several reports from Colorado hospitals regarding teens ingesting cookies and brownies laced with pot--resulting in illness. Bronstein, the medical director of the Rocky Mountain poison and drug center is concerned that ingesting pot by way of eating may be worse than smoking.

Bronstein, believes that those who chose to eat their marijuana by way of brownies, cookies, etc., receive a delayed high. It generally takes 30 minutes for the effects of the edible pot to kick in. This leads to impatience and the consumption of more pot treats. This results in individuals becoming more high--than anticipated.

Parents are being urged to keep their stashes hidden and even consider child proofing their pot. Authorities would like to remind parents and teens that pot is a drug. Suggesting that pot needs to be eaten responsibly.