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Earwax-eating Democrat: Ted Cruz un-American for wanting border security

Earwax-eating Democrat calls Ted Cruz un-American for wanting border security.
Earwax-eating Democrat calls Ted Cruz un-American for wanting border security.
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Rep. Joe Garcia, the Florida Democrat caught on video consuming his own earwax, caught an earful from critics on Twitter Sunday after posting a tweet highlighting a speech in which he excoriated Republicans, especially Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, for failing to pass "comprehensive immigration reform."

"WATCH @JoeGarcia's impassioned speech to #Congress-stripping kids of rights is unAmerican. The #TimeIsNow for #CIR," he tweeted. A number of Twitter users reminded Garcia that the children he referred to aren't American citizens.

"How can U strip children of rights they don't have?" one twitter user asked in response. "These R not American children & thus do not have the rights of Am citizens."

"You're insane. No rights are being stripped as they aren't here legally," another person said. "Since when is respecting law 'un-American?'"

The Miami Herald said Garcia didn't mention Cruz by name. He did, however, rail against "a fellow Cuban American that sits in the other house" for "dictating to this house that we should strip away rights -- strip away rights from children," the Herald added. The other Cuban-American Garcia referred to is Cruz.

CNN said House Republicans were prepared to pass an immigration bill to fund the crisis on the southern border. But "all bets were off" after Cruz called a pizza party, Jeremy Diamond said.

Cruz and his House allies wanted a provision that would toughen U.S. deportation policy and reverse administration policies shielding young illegal immigrants, CNN added. Less than 24 hours after the pizza gathering, House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, cancelled the vote, realizing he didn't have the votes to pass the measure.

Even if the measure had passed the House, chances are it would have died in the Senate. As a result, Cruz critics, including a GOP strategist and CNN political commentator, attacked the Texas Republican, calling him "Speaker Cruz."

"Ted Cruz can't seem to get much done in Senate, but sure loves to stir the pot in the House," tweeted Ana Navarro. Cruz, however, denied whipping against Boehner and defended his actions.

Twitter users, meanwhile, suggested Garcia focus on representing his constituents instead of pandering to illegal immigrants for votes. Twitchy also noted that Garcia's record on American values leaves something to be desired, noting that NumbersUSA gave the Democrat a grade of "F" on immigration issues.

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