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Earthquake, we're having an earthquake: KTLA live newscast goes viral (videos)

We all know that an earthquake is nothing to take lightly, let alone laugh about, but that hasn’t stopped this video from going viral. The video comes from KTLA where an early morning, Monday earthquake woke Southern Californians with a rattle and start. KTLA reporters were on air, covering the news when they felt the earthquake in the studio. It may be that since the 4.4 earthquake resulted in little to no damage that the nation can find humor in the caught-off-guard reactions. If there were casualties, certainly there wouldn’t be any humor in the response. But as this was unscripted, live television; and everything (and everyone) was okay, there is no doubt that the startled looks, gasps and jumps for cover under the desk are quite simply, funny.

News reporter surprised reaction to live, California earthquake goes viral.
KTLA, video screen grab

KTLA anchors Chris Schauble and Megan Henderson were hosting their morning program on the station when Schauble’s face literally dropped. His mouth opened, his eyes widened and there was no doubt he felt fear. He stated, “Earthquake, we’re having an earthquake!” with a finger in the air. The two anchors then dived under the desk, slowly to reemerge and announce the all clear.

While it looks comical, and something one might expect Will Ferrell’s Ron Burgundy to do on “Anchorman,” the two had the right notion and in reality, there is nothing that humorous about “the big one” hitting California.

But for now, everything is fine, and it really is quite funny.

Check out the KTLA earthquake video above!

Charisse Van Horn is the owner of the Daily News Beat blog. You can follow on Facebook at Daily News Beat.

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