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Earth Day 2014 nail polish exchange: Clean out your beauty drawer

Exchange your old nail polish for new ones with the Zoya Earth Day 2014 Nail Polish Exchange.
Exchange your old nail polish for new ones with the Zoya Earth Day 2014 Nail Polish Exchange.

Earth Day 2014 was officially yesterday, April 22, however many cities and companies are dedicating the entire week to Earth Day events. One such program from Zoya is dedicated to healthy nails with its Earthy Day 2014 Nail Polish Exchange.

After the Hair and Nails Examiner reported on Earth Day 2014 with green beauty, an environmentally friendly nail program was brought to the writer's attention, the 2014 Zoya Nail Polish Exchange. Zoya Natural Nail Polish & Nail Care Treatments was featured in the green beauty for hair and nails piece to commemorate Earth Day. Zoya Nail Lacquers is one of the first beauty companies to remove toluene, camphor, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, and DBP from its nail polish. With over 300 spectacular colors to choose from, Zoya is conducting an Earth Day Nail Polish Exchange for the rest of the week.

From April 21-28 use code ZDAY2014 at checkout for Zoya’s “healthy nail polish movement.” “Color cleanse” your beauty draw and swap old, used nail polish bottles for new natural nail polish from Zoya, and the beauty brand will properly dispose of your old nail polish bottles.

Full details on how to exchange your old nail polish for new colors from Zoya for Earth Day 2014 are available on The Zoya Blog. Some restrictions do apply, so be sure to read the full page, which shows what your invoice is to look like. This is also a great way to dispose of expired nail polish. The little jar on the back of your nail polish lists the shelf life. For optimal performance of all beauty items it is always best to use the product within that time frame.