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EA promises 'gamer first' used game policy for PS4 and Xbox One

Electronic Arts promises a gamers first policy when it comes to used games.
Electronic Arts promises a gamers first policy when it comes to used games.
Electronic Arts

How the PS4 and Xbox One handles used games turned into a huge topic for E3 this week. EA Labels president Frank Gibeau weighed in Wednesday by saying how the mega-publisher plans to handle the controversial subject for the next generation of console.

"Look, EA has a position of looking at used games from a very much a customer-first standpoint or a gamer-first standpoint," Gibeau said during a shareholder's conference call transcribed by Seeking Alpha. "Microsoft released their policy last Friday, and as well, Sony gave a bunch of information earlier this week. So we are formulating our strategy and our policy based on the information that they released."

Electronic Arts became synonymous with the Online Pass concept for the PS3 and Xbox 360. Consumers who bought a used game were also required to purchase an Online Pass for around $10 to activate and play the game online.

The publisher officially ended the Online Pass program after just prior to the Xbox One reveal in May and that current PS3 and Xbox 360 games that required the program were now free.

However, both Microsoft and Sony have stated that it will leave it up to publishers on how to handle pre-owned games.

"[W]e will come back to you with a summary of what those strategies will be," Gibeau said. "But in general, what I'd like to make you understand is that we will definitely be looking at gamer first, and we'll create an opportunity for us to continue to use -- have relationships with used gamers such that it's a very positive experience."

The Xbox One will be released this November for $499. Meanwhile, the PS4 will be released this holiday for $399.

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