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EA, Maxis bring personality and emotion to ‘smarter, ‘weirder’ ‘Sims 4’

A screen shot of 'Sims 4'
A screen shot of 'Sims 4'
Photo courtesy of EA. Used with permission.

On the outside, the characters in Sims 4 are rendered in three dimensions. But as one presenter this week put it, the newest iteration of the Sims franchise aims for 3D on the inside.

Examiner got a firsthand look at what’s exciting and new with the upcoming Electronic Arts and Maxis title, specifically the developers’ efforts to bring some personality and emotion to the Sims.

From the get go, players can utilize the Sim creator tool to not only determine what they want their character to look like –– with some new and improved creation tools –– but also what personality traits will work toward their Sims’ ultimate aspirations. These personality types influence how the Sim interacts in the game world and also with other Sims.

The Sims, however, do tend to wear their emotions right on their sleeves, so much so that gamers will be able to determine roughly the mood of their character just by facial expressions or walking style –– angry Sims equal stomping about while happy Sims jaunt more jovially.

It’s important to note that these emotional states seem to rub off on other Sims in the game, though being in a bad mood isn’t necessarily a bad thing for the characters. Sims can leverage their emotions to boost attributes in other ways. For instance, an angry or irate Sim can use his fury to work out better and create a healthier self while also finding a way to calm down.

Among some of the other features of note, Sims 4 branches further into the social aspect of gaming with the ability to share characters, buildings, and other items. For instance, players can import full houses or even individual rooms from other gamers to use in their own game.

Creating a Sim too has changed, as was mentioned above. Players now will be able to just grab and shape their Sims’ physical features, rather than using sliders like the previous versions of the game.

Players will also have the ability to work on the ever important walking style for their Sims, which in turn has a large effect on the game’s main focus to make the characters’ personalities really pop.

Sims 4 is set to launch on Sept. 2 in North America for PC and Mac. Players can pre-order the game here.

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