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E3 2013 perspectives: PlayStation 4, Xbox One and gaming explode

What did you think about all the news?
What did you think about all the news?

E3 is one of the most important times of year, and the day of press conferences yesterday sure helped make this one of the biggest days in the history of gaming. was there to witness the history in-person and with all of the news, games and contrast revealed today, people have some major decisions to make over the next five months.

Sony was without a doubt the crowd pleaser as they seemed to be on a crusade to be the ultimate consumer-friendly company. Sony said the PlayStation 4 will be costing people $399, will allow people to partake in used games without restriction and will allow players to play games offline.

Microsoft also had a strong showing from a games standpoint, but they did not address many of the issues that were brought up days ago and angered consumers. In addition, they confirmed that the launch price of the Xbox One would be $499.

Ubisoft and EA were both out with their best titles. The only title that wasn't completely leaked prior to its official announcement though, was Ubisoft's The Division, which while it does look like a familiar version of Watch Dogs, it's visually impressive.

Now down to the judgments for this first day of E3 madness. All four press conferences certainly delivered the best they had to offer, but which one turned in the best performance?

We asked a handful of our top writers to provide their unique perspectives on the events of the day.

Cory Wells was sold on the things Sony had to say, noting the major news they shared, in addition to adding Driveclub as a free PS Plus title.

"Sony wins hands down.

"They reiterated all their titles from the prior conference, touched on media, showcased the actual system and stuck it to Microsoft, making it personal.

"The price point was the nail in the coffin, and adding Driveclub as a free game at launch on Plus gives customers a game to start with," Wells said.

Juan Martinez had similar thoughts saying, "Jack Tretton could have just walked in and announced the $399 price and dropped the mic, but Sony went in for the kill.

"They had a counter to ever Microsoft misstep and won the hearts and minds of consumers, whether it was used games, always on connectivity and even upping the ante with PlayStation Plus.

"I'm sure we'll find something wrong with Sony in time because that's what we do, but for now they 'won' E3," Martinez said.

Next up, Dan Hevia also sided with Sony as the crowning victor of today's events.

"Sony, from a gamer angle, ruled the day and saved money on marketing simply by getting the game community hyped beyond belief.

"They made it a point to spell out all the things Microsoft has done that frustrated the audience and did the opposite.

"The lower price point was just icing on the cake," Hevia said.

Lance Roth provided a different take on Sony and Microsoft's press conferences, noting some standout points between the two.

"Though Sony took awhile to get going, by the end of their press conference, they finally appeared to find their stride. Oddly, they never really seemed committed to selling the upcoming PlayStation 4.

"Microsoft on the other hand was all-in on Xbox One after about ten minutes, there was no mention of the Xbox 360. Whether or not you were sold, they at least pressed their case," Roth said.

Last but not least, Gabriel Zamora threw in his two cents about what made the Sony press conference the best in his mind.

"My favorite conference was Sony's. Two titles, and two titles along, completely changed my perspective on the conference: Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts 3. Having followed Final Fantasy Versus XIII since its reveal early in the PS3's life cycle. I longed for an action-oriented Final Fantasy game, and Versus XIII promises exactly that.

"Kingdom Hearts, on the other hand, is a series that plays on classic Disney nostalgia, and I have been hoping for a new Kingdom Hearts announcement since 2006. Both of these games being announced for the PS4 impacted me tremendously.

"That, and Sony's powerful, mud-slinging conclusion to their conference, promising no DRM and the ability to share, re-sell or trade in games, stood in stark contrast to Microsoft's own eerie silence during their conference," Zamora said.

What a beginning to the biggest gaming event of the year. For all of the latest up-to-date information and news, check out our Games page.


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