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E3 2012: Gears of War: Judgment OverRun mode detailed

A brand new Gears of War game called Gears of War: Judgment was officially unveiled yesterday during the Microsoft E3 press conference. This is great news for fans of the franchise who most likely thought the series was over after Gears of War 3.

Key art from Gears of War: Judgment.
Key art from Gears of War: Judgment.
Gears of War: Judgment game logo.

Judgment is actually a prequel which takes place years before the events of the first game. It focuses on Baird who is still lieutenant of Kilo Squad at the time. Other members of Kilo include Augustus “Cole Train” Cole as well as new characters Sofia Hendricks and Garron Paduk. The game takes place immediately after the infamous Emergence Day.

One new game mode which was revealed at E3 is OverRun. It is a new multiplayer objective mode that lets five-player teams switch between playing as the Locust and COG. The Locust team will need to attack points that the COG are defending. It is vaguely reminiscent of the Invasion mode from Halo: Reach and represents the next logical step after Beast mode was introduced in Gears of War 3. OverRun basically combines the Beast and Horde modes into one awesome gametype.

OverRun is class-based which means that players will choose between different character classes to play. COG classes include engineer, scout, soldier, and medic. Locust classes include ticker, wretch, grenadier, kantus, bloodmount, corpser, mauler, and serapede. Check out the newly released trailer showcasing gameplay from the OverRun mode on the left to learn about what each of these classes entails.

Gears of War: Judgment is expected to be released in early 2013 and is an Xbox 360 exclusive. For more info check out the official website