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E-verify and the Mark of the Beast: overlooked similarities

God takes the Mark of the Beast very seriously. Revelation 14:11 warns that everyone who takes it will go to Hell. It is risky to assume God only cares about 100% of the Mark, and will not judge Christian voters who are part of the tsunami of popular opinion which forces candidates to promise only 80 or 90% of it. Especially since there are enough questions about what it will be to make unclear exactly where any such threshold is.

One way to identify it is that without it, “no man might buy or sell”. Revelation 13:17. That is virtually the case in states where “no man” can get a job without being checked by E-verify. Republicans are determined to mandate it nationally, and Democrats are agreeable. The companion Real ID Act is already starting to keep people who will not submit from opening bank accounts, along with keeping us off planes and out of federal buildings. E-verify doesn’t involve a card like Real ID does. But both generate the same national super database.

Few connect E-verify with the Mark of the Beast, for several reasons. One is that it does not involve an implantable chip, which it is popularly assumed the Mark will be. But Revelation 13:16 says the Mark will be “in their right hand, or in their foreheads”, and a chip needs to be surrounded by flesh, not next to bone, which rules out foreheads.

Another reason few associate E-verify with the Mark of the Beast is that the Mark will be “in” (KJV) or “on” (modern translations) the forehead and right hand. (“Epi” is the Greek word.) Thus national databases, which are merely based uponfacial recognition photos and right hand fingerprints, are considered safe from God’s judgment.

But the Arndt-Gingrich Greek-English Lexicon points out that God has used the Greek word “epi” to mean “based upon”: "on the basis of. epi duo e trion marturon on the evidence of two or three witnesses 1 Ti 5:19." Another verse with this usage is Matthew 4:4. "...Man shall not live by bread alone, but by [Gr. epi, on the basis of, or by the power of, or enabled by] every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God".

“Forehead” is generally defined as only the part of the face from the eyebrows to the hairline. But AG gives an example from classical Greek literature where a woman is veiled "up to the metopon" (the Greek word in Revelation). The “metopon” therefore has to at least include the eyes, and the space between the eyes. The NAS New Testament Greek Lexicon agrees, defining the “forehead” of Revelation as “The space between the eyes, forehead.” This matters because “The region where eyes, nose and forehead intersect is ‘probably the most focused-on area in facial recognition’.”

We don’t know how much face recognition will evolve. It could incorporate iris scans, which can already be taken from "a few meters away”. (It already incorporates Surface Texture Analysis, developed by Identix, which photographs a patch of skin – such as on the forehead – and records “any lines, pores and the actual skin texture....It can identify differences between identical twins.” Cameras are already a good enough to identify people reflected in someone else’s eyes.
Another reason every step we have taken so far towards the Mark has widely been considered judgment-safe is that Revelation says the mature Mark will involve “worship” of the beast. It is assumed Revelation warns only against the “religious worship” described in 2 Thessalonians 2:4. But Albert Barnes’ Notes on the Bible, commenting on Revelation 13:4, suggests the Revelation 14:9, 11 warning may be broader than that:

The word “worship” roskuneō - is not always, however, used in a religious sense. It means, properly, “to kiss”; to kiss toward anyone; that is, to kiss his own hand and to extend it toward a person, in token of respect and homage [to a civil authority]. [Regarding the same word in Matthew 2:2, Barnes says the Wise Men] came to honor him as a Prince, or a king, not as God. The original word implies no more than this.

We can’t know yet if the technology we already have is what John foresaw. But it comes close enough to satisfying his verbal description that we should not consider voters' calls for more of it to be judgment-safe. God warns us to “resist the devil”, James 4:7; not see how close we can bring America under the devil’s reign and still escape Hell ourselves.

More details:
Strong’s Concordance (G3359, G3326, G4383) backs up NAS’s definition of the Revelation “forehead” as “the space between the eyes” by noting that “metopon” combines the two words meta=amid, or in proximity to; and ops=visage, which means face. Note about the three Strong’s numbers given: G3359 is the definition of “forehead”. It says the word is made up of two words: G3326, whose meanings include “amid” and “proximity”, and “ops”, a word not found in the Bible so it is assigned no Strong’s number. But G4383, the word for “face”, gives the meaning of “ops” as “the visage”. “Ops” is only two letters in Greek: Omega and Psi.

The link backing up my statement that the chip’s placement is “...not next to bone....” says: "...the uses of biochips in humans and other animals for identification purposes do not involve implanting such chips in the head or the hands. The preferred location for such chips is an out-of-the-way fleshy area that will allow for tissue to bond the chip and lessen the possibility of any irritation or discomfort to the host, making the head and hands (too bony and exposed) non-ideal for such purposes. The recommended implantation location for biochips is between the shoulderblades, towards the back of the upper arm (or on the back between the front legs of a dog or cat).
Snopes’ statement that the chip isn’t implanted in hands is of course wrong, but the statement is based on the photo of chip placement in the palm of the hand between the bones of the index and long fingers, which accompanied the particular video they were debunking. Snopes didn’t give a source for this claim.

Here is a<A HREF=" discussion</A> between do-it-yourself implanters about the best place to implant. They tell the hazards of putting it in the wrist: too likely to smack it on something and shatter the glass! There is enough flesh to keep it safe on the forearm near the elbow, but there it is awkward to use! That leaves the webbing between thumb and index finger, but not too near the index finger in case of impact. Besides this confirmation, we have the fact that the hand webbing is the only place we see it implanted.

It would be nice to get confirmation from “the Horse’s Mouth”, as was possible when Verichip advertised freely. PositiveID is the only place still manufacturing it, now called the GlucoChip for diabetics sufferers, and their page about it doesn’t give much information. I put in a call to them. Even if they call back, it won’t be with an answer I can document with a link.

PositiveID Corporation Headquarters
1690 South Congress Avenue
Suite 201
Delray Beach, Florida 33445
Ph: 561-805-8000

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