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E. Howard Hunt's son 'reveals' dad's deathbed confession about JFK assassination

E. Howard Hunt's son 'reveals' dad's deathbed confession about JFK assassination
E. Howard Hunt's son 'reveals' dad's deathbed confession about JFK assassination
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Saint John Hunt, son of the infamous Watergate conspirator and CIA operative, E. Howard Hunt, appeared on the July 21, 2013 broadcast of Coast to Coast AM Radio to discuss his father's deathbed confession about his involvement in the Watergate affair and the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

George Knapp hosted the show and while the interview was certainly interesting in that it gave new insights into the lifestyle of a covert CIA operative and his family, it was also a major disappointment.

In a nutshell, Saint John Hunt had this to say: There was a shooter on the grassy knoll. The shooter looked like a tramp. There were three tramps in the area that day. The shooter may have been Lucien Sarti, a French assassin brought in by the Mafia.

And oh yeah, according to Hunt, the order to assassinate Kennedy came from LBJ...and J. Edgar Hoover was involved.

Hunt says his father, E. Howard Hunt, was ordered by his CIA superiors to attend a meeting at a Florida “safe house.” The people attending the meeting were planning the assassination of someone here in America, but they didn't say who. The code name for the operation was, “The Big Event.”

At a second meeting, in yet another safe house in Florida, the attendees were continuing to lay out their plan, so Hunt asked them, “What do you need me for and who are we talking about, here?” Hunt was astounded when someone replied, “President Kennedy.”

Hunt then said, “You can't be serious. What kind of authorization does this have? How high up does it go?” A Cuban attendee replied, “We're very serious and this goes all the way up to the top, all the way to the Vice President.”

E. Howard Hunt says he “respectfully declined” to be involved in Kennedy's assassination and at that point he became a “bench-warmer,” although Saint John Hunt isn't sure what his father meant by “bench-warmer.”

Hunt offered up no investigative analysis or proof of anything. He didn't even name any of the specific names or locations that his father supposedly confessed on his deathbed because he wanted listeners to read his book where they would get “complete account.”

“This is not just a book of factoids and information about the JFK assassination or Watergate. This is a very personal story with human elements.”

Hunt's heartwarming story of helping his father tamper with critical evidence after the Watergate break-in when he was just 16 years old and then aiding and abetting his father and mother as they attempted to blackmail Nixon is exciting stuff. And who wouldn't bond with a guy telling you a tear-jerking story about how his mother was killed in a mysterious plane crash with a briefcase full of enough proof to destroy Nixon and his entire administration.

But where's the proof of any of this? Maybe Hunt names names in his book and maybe he doesn't. But he doesn't really have to because he's just rehashing the same theories we've been tossing around for decades.

The idea that the Cosa Nostra and the CIA were both chomping at the bit to take down Kennedy because of his failures in Cuba is nothing new. The idea that the order came from LBJ, that there were three tramps in the area of the grassy knoll that day and that one of the shots came from the grassy knoll and was fired by one of the three tramps – these are all factoids you can pick out of a dozen different books on the conspiracy surrounding the Kennedy assassination.

But should this “new” information carry more weight because it comes from a deathbed confession, the deathbed confession of a man who lived a lifestyle based on lies, misinformation and disinformation?

I've said it before and I'll say it again: Coast to Coast's loyal listeners are far too sharp to be taken in by a snake-oil salesman. I love a good Coast to Coast ghost story program the same as the next guy or gal, but if George Noory and George Knapp want to address conspiracy theories like the Kennedy assassination and Area 51, they need to bring on guests who are willing to back up their statements with cold, hard facts, not just innuendo and a plug for their book.

Donna Anderson has many interests, so she writes about lots of things for lots of different websites. The best way to keep up with her? Follow her on Twitter @SheWritesaLot or send her an email at You'll be glad you did!

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