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Duggar family linked to Douglas Phillips lawsuit? Quiverfull lifestyle dissected

Jim Bob Duggar
Photo by Brendan Hoffman/Getty Images

The Douglas Phillips lawsuit has reality fans interested and it’s not because Phillips has a reality show. Instead, it seems that the Quiverfull lifestyle, which is followed by Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, has fans are wondering how the big family is associated, if at all, to the lawsuit. According to Radar Online on Tuesday, Douglas Phillips was sued by Lourdes Torres-Manteufel.

The woman has outlined several serious allegations in her complaint including nine counts of alleged injury. Other issues listed include alleged assault, inflicting emotional distress and alleged fraud in the complaint. Graphic details about the entire situation are included in her allegations. The lawsuit was filed on Tuesday and is less than 24-hours old, but the Duggar family’s name is already being discussed. Quite unfairly too, as the family isn't directly involved in any capacity to the filed complaint.

The friendly relationship that Douglas Phillips had with the Duggar family has some people jumping to conclusions. The details in the lawsuit offers a picture of an alleged lifestyle. Viewers feel it might be what it is like to live in the Quiverfull movement for everyone. Common logic would suggest that can't be remotely true.

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar on TLC’s "19 Kids and Counting" have been part of the Quiverfull movement, but that is different than just knowing a man being sued. It fact it would be ridiculous to connect the two, even remotely, as the family isn't even part the lawsuit. However, that hasn't stopped people from attaching the reality star's name to news headlines.

The public scrutiny comes from not knowing what the Quiverfull movement is or how it works for those who follow it in everyday life. While there are many people who disapprove of the lifestyle and how it relates to women today, there are millions more who know nothing about it.

It is quite unfair to suggest that the Duggar family or their show “19 Kids and Counting” have anything to do with the Douglas Phillips’ allegations. Yes, the Duggar’s aren't a typical family, but then again that has nothing to do with the issues they are falsely attached to in the news.

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