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'Duck Commander: Before the Dynasty,' brings the real Robertsons back

If you have missed the Robertsons on Wednesday nights, there is good news. "Duck Dynasty" ended a lukewarm season, but they returned on Wednesday night with another episode of "Duck Commander: Before the Dynasty." This new-old show is filled with clips from their duck hunting videos made before the television show was filmed. The videos are introduced and narrated by different members of the family.

This is Robertsons as they were meant to be.
Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

They looked a bit different, but minus the producers and writers of "Duck Dynasty," the patient audience and fans are being treated to some 100% Robertson time. These shows do not measure up to the first several seasons of "Duck Dynasty," but at least it is not the sometimes unbearably-scripted dialogues and plots that have replaced the carefree banter that we had grown to love. Although it is not known who was responsible for the nosedive that the show took in the past few seasons, there were scenes that could almost be considered "jumping the shark."

These clips were filmed a few years ago for videos produced by the family duck call business, “Duck Commander,” and marketed to their customers. This week’s episode involved the Robertson wives going duck hunting in the duck blind. While not necessarily hysterically funny, it gave us the Robertson family up-close and real. They are entertaining and interesting enough on their own without silly scripts and predictable storylines.

One interesting factor in Wednesday’s show was that Alan Robertson, the now clean-shaven brother, was bearded when this footage in the duck blind was filmed. A former pastor, Alan is the eldest of the four Robertson brothers. He left his church position to handle the ministry side of the family “dynasty.”

Another segment shown this week was the video contest that Duck Commander sponsored. The winners received a duck hunting trip with the family. Two firefighters from New York City arrived to share the blind with the Robertsons.

The new series, “Duck Commander: Before the Dynasty,” is almost a relief after the poor writing from the past two seasons. It is not constantly funny, or does it try to be. It is just the Robertsons without Hollywood, and that is good.

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