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'Dual Survival' news: Which star is leaving the show and why?

'Dual Survival'
'Dual Survival'
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Last night on a new episode of "Dual Survival" on Discovery viewers were shocked to hear that one person is not returning next season to the show. On Tuesday, IB Times shared some information that reveals who is leaving the show and how it all went down. Cody Lundin will not be back next season. Joe will be back on the show again.

You can see Cody during the rest of season four of the show, but he will not be back for the fifth season. A lot of fans are going to miss him and might not even watch the show with him gone. There are some various opinions of why he left the show though. Discovery is simply saying that they are ready for a change. So far they have not said anything more than that but they could be possibly waiting for the show to air to talk about it all.

Joe makes it sound like Cody was fired for safety reasons. He said, "For the record, the safety of the crew and the hosts of any show are the most important issue for any production company or network." He put this on his Facebook page for all of this fans to see.

Back in February, Cody went to his Facebook to share what happened and let fans know he was leaving. The news has been out for a while, but nobody realized it was happening until the show announced last night that someone would not be back for the next season. He does admit that he was fired from "Dual Survival." He stated the reason as, "differences over safety and health concerns on the show." Cody did thank his fans for their support and said he will miss the show. You can find out his replacement at this link.

Next week on "Dual Survival" on Discovery fans will see part of what goes down. They will at least find out who will not be on the show again next year and get some news about what happens possibly. It is unknown how much of it they will show.