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"Trackstand Mary"
"Trackstand Mary"

1.How long have you been doing graffiti art?

Hard to say how long I've been doing graffiti art, cause I can remember drawing letters for
the local gang in my neighborhood where I grew up. Didn't really dawn on me until I saw the same letters I drew on paper on walls around the hood. Weird feeling. But I officially began doing graffiti in 2001, after coming back from a trip to Amsterdam. I was bombarded with tags, bombs and pieces everywhere I looked there. As soon as I got off the plane and drove back to my house, I couldn't help but look for this "new found art" on the streets. One name stood out amongst the rest, NEXT. After realizing this was a one man army, I told myself that I too, could go out and spread a moniker throughout the city. Graffiti is very addicting I think. Not too long after starting, I met many other graffiti artists, who are still my good friends up til today. After about 5 years, 1000's of spraycans and multiple run ins with the law (a few which got me locked up jail), I decided to venture on with my art. Thus taking on the task of screen printing images and pasting them throughout the city.

2.Are you formally trained in art or self-taught?

I'd say a good mix of both, but definitely more self taught. Lots of my knowledge of art comes from throwing myself into it and learning what I feel works...

3.Why did you choose the name 'DUAL'?

The name DUAL comes from the word dualism, which is defined as a doctrine that the universe is under the dominion of two opposing principles one of which is good and the other evil, black and white, positive and negative, so on and so on.

4.What do the characters in your art represent?

My characters range from many topics from religion to time to history to bicycle culture, all with a raw, vintage influence.

5.What is the significance of the clock in your works?

I'm obsessed with time. Everyday I wake up with the feeling of being late and rushing towards something , which I'm not quite sure what it is yet. The clocks also remind me that time is always moving and never waits for ANYONE. When I think about it, I grew up in a house with over 20 clocks in it, so I guess I'm not the only one obsessed with time... but this might also explain my obsession with clocks.

6.What message are you trying to get across with your art?

I wouldn't wanna brand my art with a specific message, because every image I output has it's own unique context, which sometimes are completely unrelated. For example, one of my messages could touch base on the topic of religion, and how powerful it is to different people, while another could be about bicycle culture, which is a huge influence on my life. Just as I feel that an artist should be versatile with his medium to create a piece, I also want people to get different feelings and thoughts when coming across one of my pieces.

7.What upcoming shows, if any, might you have in the near future?

There's a couple shows up in the air still. Possible showing of some art at BlueLine bike lab in the Heights for an Art Crawl type of event. And also a possible a solo show at a local tattoo shop/gallery. Nothing in stone yet, so I can keep ya up to date on this question. But there's definitely new work in the works for whenever I get a chance to show it.


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