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Drunk British woman detained for having loud sex on Las Vegas flight

Drunk British Woman Detained For Having Loud Sex On Las Vegas flight
Drunk British Woman Detained For Having Loud Sex On Las Vegas flightAP

A twenty year old British woman, flying with her parents to Las Vegas aboard Virgin Atlantic flight last week must have learned the firsthand lesson of her life. She was caught indulging in loud-sex with a stranger in a small lavatory that was anything but discreet.

Many people argue that “What Happens In Vegas, Stays In Vegas”. But we guess after Ashton Kutcher’s movie “What Happens In Vegas”, people have started losing faith in this argument. We won’t generalize, but guess it is true for a twenty year old girl who got detained by police for having loud sex with a stranger in the airline toilet.

The woman was reportedly drunk, raucous and so engaged in lovemaking with an anonymous man she met for the first time on the flight that she couldn’t even control her urge to make raunchy noises. The noises of their ex-temporary sexual play disturbed fellow passengers so much that they decided to file a complaint against the lust-struck woman.

A passenger from the airline reported that the couple went into the bathroom and within a few minutes the girl started making loud noises, letting everyone know how exotically exciting her lovemaking act was going. When the noises could not stop even after a few more minutes of the act, the cabin crews had to force open the door. Then the girl was kicked off her seat and she kept shouting that it was a drunken abuse.

Perhaps it is simply too much to expect prudence in such a delicate matter, particularly when one is aboard an airline which itself is called Virgin. No matter how horny the girl felt that she had to get into the act, it was utterly nonsense when she had her own parents on the same flight. Needless to say, the parents would have preferred disowning their own daughter if they had the option to. After all, who wants to get to into such an embarrassment only because their daughter just could not hold her horses?

As soon as the flight landed, the twenty year old woman was detained by the Metro Police. Fortunately, she was let go after giving her a few warnings. Lovemaking is not a crime that could have landed her in jail anyway. She was just fortunate enough that no other passenger on the flight sued her for mental torture of those ten minutes. You surely know how it feels to hear someone moaning and groaning in a public places, right?

Despite of her membership in the mile high club with the entire exposition unfolding before her parents and other passengers, police refrained from disclosing the name of the lady or even file any arrest report against her.

The news definitely affected the reputation of the airline, for which Virgin Atlantic public relations officer/ spokesperson, Laura Kilroy told news channels that the airline is not supposed to tolerate any kind of disruptive behavior from passengers. She also added that the safety and welfare of all the passengers and cabin crew members is the top priority of the airline and they are going to make sure that such instances do not repeat in future.

It is still not clear whether the omission of the arrest warrant had anything to do with the Las Vegas motto, “What Happens in Vegas, Stays In Vegas”. This is because the detained woman’s mile-high membership was attained over the Pacific Ocean, which was already outside city limits.

Amazingly, the CEO of Virgin airlines, Sir Richard Branson as stated in the New York Post, he said that mile-high sex is perfectly fine by him, but it does not make them the type of airline that allows banging on bathroom doors. Seems like he was more concerned about playing safe, than funny!

Interestingly, all the news has covered the story of the woman whose noises disturbed fellow passengers and cabin crew members, but none of them have talked about the man who made that woman make those noises. Even the police got their hands on the lady, but there was no hint of the man who was involved. Seems like no one noticed him amidst all the erotic noises and disturbing thoughts of passengers. For what it was, one thing is clear that the Virgin airlines is no more a Virgin. Source - New York Post