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Drudge Report 'zombies' Hillary Clinton: It's Bill's fault she's 'Walking Dead'

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Holy Hillary "Zombie!" Bill Clinton sometimes puts his foot in his mouth and this time Clinton's off-hand remark in defense of Hillary's health badly backfired Wednesday afternoon when it was reported by Buzz Feed. For the Drudge Report, Bill Clinton left Hillary wide-open to some mischievous fun with his comment, "Now they [Republicans] say she's auditioning for a part in "The Walking Dead."

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Soon after, a doctored photo of Hillary Clinton as a zombie-like member of "The Walking Dead" popped up on the Drudge Report. In the image, Hillary has the lifeless look of the "undead," of a "walker," of a "lethargic lurker."

Once the image was on the Drudge Report, Matt sidestepped to his Twitter page for a bit of promotion. Without giving his surprise away, Matt made a comment sure to send folks rushing to the Drudge Report to find out what was up: "Had an especially good time updating the DRUDGE REPORT [caps included] this morning. Thank you!"

The image, which doesn't particularly look like Hillary, may have been too subtle because not everyone "got it." One bewildered member returned to Twitter to ask, "I'm unsure what stories made you so happy? Not much good news except Tea Party victory!"

Others joined in the "fun" of the moment and applauded Drudge's creativity. Along with the photo, the Drudge Report headlines included four links, each a report on Hillary Clinton's health and what impact, if any, her health might be for consideration of her potential as an upcoming presidential nominee for the Democratic party.

Former president Bill Clinton was responding to a recent remark of conservative strategist, Karl Rove, that Hillary might need to answer questions about possible brain damage since experiencing a concussion and a blood clot a few months ago and then reappearing with glasses which might indicate traumatic brain injury. Bill took on the subject and pointed out that to him, Hillary was more fit and in better shape physically, better fit than he because she worked out faithfully.

Clinton remarked that these sort of health and age related questions were "just part of the deal." Bill seemed to take it in stride, adding, “You can’t be too upset about it."

Bill also predicted, “It’s just the beginning. They’ll get better and better about it.” There has been no response from the Clinton team regarding the Drudge Report "Walking Dead," image of Hillary nor have comedians had time to have fun with it.

The Drudge Report recently poked fun at it's founder and creator, Matt Drudge, with another image. In that image, the Drudge Report depicted Matt as a "Whirling Dervish," someone who drives folks in their near vicinity batty with their constant spinning and babbling.