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Drudge Report: Obama's terrorists-for-trade 'Gitmo Mart' open, says Hurt

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An editor of Drudge Report, Charles Hurt, sees a "Gitmo soldier marketplace," run by Obama coming soon. The president has already sent a message he's ready-to-deal after Obama's first "cur for curs," swap. For real fanfare, all he needs is additional American hostages for trade. Then, as Hurt describes the Obama administration in his Washington Times column, Tuesday article, "the shapeshifters" will be ready to roll those "Gitmo" terrorists out of Guantanamo, quicker than you can say "I'll give you five for one," at a grand opening.

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However, it appears the Taliban is ready to take care of that for Obama. Today, the Drudge Report banner screamed, "Taliban: We're now inspired to kidnap more."

Following to the Times Magazine article, a chilling statement by a Taliban official appears to fulfill Hurt's prediction. When the official was queried about whether the trade for Bowe Bergdahl for five dangerous terrorists had created a climate in which Americans might be at higher risk for hostage kidnappings, "a commander laughed" and responded, "Definitely."

The unidentified commander went on to explain why it was preferable to kidnap one high-priority American soldier than "hundreds of useless people." His people were elated, revved up over the trade and now would "work hard to capture" more, he assured the reporter.

Before a Drudge Report link even announced the Obama administration was considering another Guantanamo trade, in his Washington Times column on Tuesday, Hurt wondered, "Five down, how many more terrorists to go now that this new soldier marketplace is open for business?"

Hurt concluded that the trade was motivated as an effort at "hot-stepping" away from "all the veterans being abused and dying in VA hospitals." If so, observed Hurt, it worked as a political win to change the conversation; however, some veterans and their families have raised the outrage bar on anger coupled with deep disappointment and loss of faith.

Other than Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid and now Donna Brazile, the president is finding it hard to find Democrat supporters in this decision, writes the Washington Times. Democrats are acknowledging that the trade did not work out the way the Obama administration had thought it would. While, as the Drudge Report editor has claimed, "Nobody is talking about all the veterans being abused and dying in VA hospitals any more," it's certainly no "capture bin Laden moment."

Instead, hit with a deluge of Drudge Report headline links, the Obama administration has reeled under the criticism leveled as a result of the trade. One article quotes Obama doubling down, refusing to apologize. Obama shrugged off the furor as the usual reflection of the current Washington climate, claiming it was the kind of "whipped up" controversy always on display when he "did something" hard.

From the Drudge Report headlines, a storyboard of links highlights the Bergdahl story progression, with information that Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel has faced angry questions about the legality of the trade, that Obama has been threatened with impeachment. In addition, there is an article announcing that Senator Ted Cruz of Texas will propose a bill to halt all Guantanamo releases.

Meanwhile, there is also news that Bergdahl's homecoming parade in his hometown has been canceled and according to a FOX News survey link on the Drudge Report, Americans find George Bush to be more competent than Obama by six percent. However, "fully two-thirds of Americans said Bill Clinton's administration was more competent than Obama's."