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Drudge Report founder leaves a cryptic 4-word tweet open to interpretation

Matt Drudge, founder of 'The Drudge Report' can set a nation a'Twitter in 140 characters - or less.
Matt Drudge, founder of 'The Drudge Report' can set a nation a'Twitter in 140 characters - or less.
Getty Images/Evan Agostini/Win McNamee

On Friday, Jan. 24, 2014, after two highly controversial tweets, Matt Drudge, enigmatic founder of the Drudge Report added a third cryptic four-word tweet. Drudge left this tweet dangling on his Twitter page, open to interpretation at will. Drudge tweeted, "Have an exit plan..."

Matt Drudge of Drudge Report: 'Stop spying' protestor
Getty Images/ R)Evan Agostini L) Win McNamee

For context, on Jan. 23, Matt first tweeted, "They are going after the Obama critics with indictments. VA Gov. Now Dinesh D'souza. Holder unleashing the dogs." Immediately on the same day, he added another tweet, "Holder dangling 'indictments' over News Corp's head too. Behavior modification."

As inflammatory as those two previous tweets are it's arguably unsurprising that Drudge has been accused by the the oft-called "liberal press" of fueling a conspiracy theory. However much Drudge's motives have been called into question, none have yet questioned the meaning of his first two tweets. Possibly everyone assumes "they" understand.

This isn't the first time that Drudge has dropped a tweet like a bomb. Back in July of 2013, the "Twitchy" staff noted, "Drudge Report bewilders with ominous 3-letter tweet." That Drudge Report tweet was indeed, three significant letters -- "FBI."

Twitchy worried:

"Uh oh. We picture poor Matt barely able to tweet a three letter distress call as Obama’s jack-booted FBI thugs drag him away under the watchful eye of armed drones."

Since then, Matt Drudge has relentlessly pursued stories and included links as examples of what many conservatives consider justified coverage warning of targeted surveillance and continued overreach of the National Security Agency (NSA), Department of Justice, Internal Revenue Service, and Homeland Security. However, on the flip side, liberals see the same coverage as spurred by Drudge's possible paranoid obsession with big government, an indicator that Drudge passionately believes, "We are now a police state." The way Drudge is viewed most often depends upon the ideological leanings of the viewer.

Amid escalating privacy fears, on Saturday, the Drudge Report included links to stories about blimp surveillance, swarms of drones coming to American skies, plus a proposal to allow police to tap into residents' security cameras. On the Drudge page, one may also learn of Republicans eager to end NSA "snooping" and phone record collection as the NYPD prepares to 'blanket' Midtown Manhattan with temporary surveillance cameras.

In addition, another headline link questions the credibility of a statement that the indictment of Obama critic and film maker, Dinesh D'Souza, for alleged campaign finance improprieties was brought about as a result of a "routine review by the FBI." Continuing the Drudge storyboard, there is link headline: "IN CONTROL: TSA boasts of 638,705,790 searches, pat-downs and screenings of passengers in 2013."

Whether this bulletin board of Drudge links are typical or not, there's no denying that the collection of headlines do raise awareness that in the end, Americans will decide whether the government which is pledged to protect its citizens is merely doing its job or is out of touch with what Americans want and find tolerable.

Related articles: Another Drudge tweet comes to mind:

"Only in a fading nation would it become WHERE to store gov't spying on its citizens. Any free people would demand it STOPPED and DESTROYED!" (Reference from Drudge Report: Matt shames 'free people' for letting NSA spy on them.)

Many may recall yet another related, former tweet, by Matt Drudge,

"Obama doesn't dare limit the NSA. They know all of his secrets!" (It's too easy to make the assumption Drudge thinks "exit" is the only recourse as long as Obama is president. Certainly his comment was red meat for speculation; but then again, Obama's comment could be economically motivated.)

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