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Drudge Report explodes: Obama wants to 'organize' Arab world

Can President Obama organize the Arab world?
Can President Obama organize the Arab world?
Getty Images/Chip Somodevilla

As Drudge Report featured headlines of ISIS beheadings, President Obama claims "managing" the ISIS terrorists following the second beheading of an American captive is possible, dependent upon help from and the will of the international community. Obviously, many feel Bush failed to democratize the Arab world. Is it now fair to question whether Obama can organize it?

The Weekly Standard article linked on the Drudge Report quoted the president speaking from Estonia. In his address, Obama described the ISIS reign of terror as a "manageable problem."

As Major Garrett recently wrote for a Times article, "Obama has the speech, ISIS has the territory." Still, the president spoke of reasons, pressuring the international community for a global effort to control the ISIS or ISIL problem. However, as Garrett opined, it again appears that unfortunately "the particulars eluded Obama," or he is merely unwilling to disclose them at this time.

It is the Muslim world, the Arab world, North Africa and their people who are most at risk, stressed Obama, even as the ISIS accelerates rhetoric threatening Obama and America personally: "They're the ones who are constantly under threat of being killed. They're the ones whose economies are completely upended to the point where they can't produce their own food and they can't produce the kinds of goods and services to sell in the world marketplace.And they're falling behind because of this very small and narrow but very dangerous segment of the population."

One comment of Obama's, that of the need to "organize the Muslim" world evoked memories of former President Bush who stressed that "democratizing" the Arab world was the solution after 9/11. Obama's speech, with no definitive strategy outlined, did little to soothe the fears of many Americans who have watched with horror as the Drudge Report focused on news of the two American journalists, first James Foley and now Steven Sotloff, who have been beheaded.

Confidence that Obama has what it takes is at an all time low. This is the same man who recently claimed he had no strategy. Of course, most Americans were already aware but did hope for once his lack of transparency would prevail. Instead, he opened up, revealing to the world: the Commander-in-Chief has "no strategy." That's about as naked and as foolish an admission as one could possibly make.

Amid Obama's desperate search for a global strategy, the Drudge Report storyboard of ISIS or ISIL articles continue to grow, exploding as pressure on the White House Pentagon intensifies. Currently, the Drudge Report has 13 ISIS related links. Expect those links to expand even more; the anniversary of 9/11 looms, only eight days away.

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