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Drudge Report: Obamacare '@#%&' to hit the election fan, warns editor

Drudge Report posts photo of U.S postal van: Free Obamacare in Spanish
Drudge Report posts photo of U.S postal van: Free Obamacare in Spanish
Common use/ Screenprint/Twitter

Drudge Report editor, Joseph Curl, is warning "[Obamacare] @#%& is about to hit the fan," just in time for midterm elections. Curl's own checkbook proved exploding healthcare costs would be the burning issue of the midterm election cycle in his Wednesday Washington Times column.

Curl was dismayed when he received his health care bill. He predicts most Americans voters will experience the same sticker shock he received when their bill hits their mailbox this month, and if they aren't already angry, they will be once the latest price tag sinks in. However, the Washington Post, today, begs to differ in the article: "Obamacare? Voters are kind of over it."

Although Curl provided details, the bottom line is Curl's family insurance premiums "have risen 184 percent in just three years" under the health care law. Curl's health care insurance costs have gone from $386 each month to what will be $1,097 according to his new premium costs. Those extra dollars are also buying less, not more coverage with a higher, not lower deductible plus higher out of pocket costs.

Is the Washington Post right to think voters don't care? Here's what happened.

Curl explained insurer costs for Affordable Care Act had been pushed forward for the 2012 election cycle. Now, "the bill was coming due just in time for the 2014 midterm elections." It's happening because the deadline for the industry to pay its share of the cost, "some $8 billion" is the end of September, 2014. New bills for the insured reflect industry costs passed on to consumers.

In Curl's opinion, some issues fly under voter radars because they don't really feel the issue will personally impact their lives. However, every voter understands when money is ripped from their budgets. He expects September Obamacare sticker shock will push a surge of angry voters to the booths in November.

Today, the primary Obamacare issue promoted on the Drudge Report is a court case in which a panel of Obama appointed judges have vacated a recent circuit court ruling. The earlier court panel decision against the Obama administration found federal exchange participants are ineligible for subsidies.That case which was heard by three of the court judges will now be reheard by the entire court, possibly by December.

Matt Drudge, the founder of Drudge Report, raised considerable controversy in March of this year. Drudge tweeted he was calling the Obamacare penalty for not "getting covered" his "Liberty Tax." Drudge was called a liar by one of Obama's own although Matt was proven right. Surely the White House won't make the same mistake with Curl.

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