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Drudge Report editor: Obama's 'Year of No Action' is sign of apathy and weakness

Drudge editor report: Obama's 'Year of  No Action' is on target as a loser
Drudge editor report: Obama's 'Year of No Action' is on target as a loser
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To Drudge Report editor, Joseph Curl, President Obama is more Carter than Reagan, Roosevelt, Johnson or Clinton. Though Curl would wish for a Reagan, observed Curl on Wednesday in a Washington Times opinion piece, the other Democrat presidents did at least have some "bigger than life" qualities which made them effective with the populace as well as the bully pulpit.

Not Obama, worries Curl, who he claims is emerging as the "National Nagger," in a year the president promised would be the "Year of Action." To get anywhere with his 2014 theme, Curl thinks Obama might consider the optimism of Ronald Reagan's “shining city on a hill,” because surely Obama can see that his scolds and finger-wagging are not calls to action. In the meantime, neither 2014, nor America's problems are holding still waiting for the president to get his act together. Time is moving on.

Obama's economic woes are often headlined on the Drudge Report, one line of headlines after another. . Still, Obama has staunch defenders. Among them, liberal columnist Joe Weisenthal, in 2012, slammed Obama economic critics, with his reminder that, "The conditions behind the Great Recession were far worse than anything Reagan inherited, and Obama has pulled off a recovery with less of a sustained growth in federal government spending."

To such defenders, Curl contrasts Obama with former presidents. Curl reminisced about the way Teddy Roosevelt passionately controlled a president's most useful tool, the bully pulpit to smash, to pound, to hammer away until that memorable president swayed public opinion forging a "groundswell from the masses," to help him force action. If a man isn't willing to compromise, and Curl stated Obama is unwilling, then Curl is suggesting that Roosevelt's example might be one for Obama emulate if action is his goal. Instead of passion, Obama is about endless deflection of blame and pessimism, frets Curl, saying Obama is impotent, weak, ineffective and inept.

Curl accused Obama of pulling out his own version of Jimmy Carter's "malaise speech" when the president spoke last week to Democratic donors in Los Angeles. The Drudge Report editor quoted Obama: “We can debate a lot about whether the Senate rules need to be changed and are there problems with our media and campaign finance and there are a whole bunch of structural reasons why Washington isn’t working as well as it should.”

When Obama makes statements such as the above, in Curl's opinion, it points to an Obama who is more than a failure, less than a leader, with no where to go but down. Curl describes Obama as an impotent man sputtering with "bitterness and pessimism," always on the look-out for a target to blame for the state of the union.

Listing the assets of past presidents, Curl mentioned the fear rendered by the "mighty whip" that Johnson wielded to get things done and even President Bill Clinton's strategy of triangulation to maneuver and wheel and deal among his foes as ways to lead. With a gridlocked Congress, however, . "Obama sees no way to lead, " lamented Curl, "Obama simply throws up his hands and says, “They won’t let me play president!”

Today, the Drudge Report is featuring a host of links pointing to government problems; none look good for the president. Among them is a revised report that the first quarter shows the economy is shrinking, a headline in which Obama denies that he is weak, as well as too many links regarding the Veteran Administration scandal for Obama's comfort.

In contrast, the Drudge Report banner heralds Michelle Obama's "Enough Potatoes!" New York Times offense against a campaign to roll back her gains for health food in school lunchrooms. As a testament that Michelle may have a bit of the passion necessary to get things moving, Matt Drudge, the founder of the Drudge Report, has admitted to being inspired by Michelle. He tweeted she inspired him to run a seven minute mile; he imagined Michelle chasing him with a knife.

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