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A Drudge editor report: Loser prediction for midterm elections

Barack Obama, squinting in the heat.
Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images

Thursday, Drudge Report editor, Joseph Curl predicted that Democrats are likely to be the losers in 2014 midterm elections. Democrats can run from President Obama but they can't conceal their own records of support of Obamacare and the fact that they've supported Obama's "every move on Capitol Hill." In his opinion, though the weight of Obamacare makes it a very heavy cross to carry into upcoming 2014 elections, there is no way to lighten the load.

As for the president, Curl says Obama is so "toxic," that when his name is mentioned, Democrats who were once staunch supporters, now answer, "Who?" Obama is not helping nor can he help, posits the Drudge Report editor, especially since most Democrats don't even want the president near them.

Curl acknowledges a lot can happen in the seven months remaining before the election to change the political landscape; however, it is unlikely. Democrats' problems are long term and there are not any quick fixes for Obamacare, the president's slump in approval ratings nor high unemployment. Those are just a few of the reasons, thinks Curl, that Democrats are facing a "tsunami set to surge" in November.

Answers to questions on the side of Republicans, in Curl's opinion, are:

  • Question: Who has a ready cash flow and is spending on political ads early? Answer: Republicans
  • Question: What seats are up for grab in 2014 and which party is most at risk to lose their seats? Answer: Out of 17 competitive Senate races, 15 are for Democratic seats. It's easy to do the math and come out with the answer that Democrats have most to lose.
  • Question: Is the Tea Party dead? Answer: No, the Tea Party is alive and madder than ever. Expect the Tea Party to storm voter booths in November.
  • Question: How will the GOP handle Obamacare? Answer: They very well may change from pushing repeal of Obamacare to fixing Obamacare. Bottom line: "fix" polls better than "repeal."

A recent Rasmussen poll points to the biggest poll problem Democrats have with Obamacare: Fifty-three percent expect the health care system to get worse under Obamacare. That finding has been consistent high since late 2012, ranging from 48 percent to a whopping 61 percent in Rasmussen surveys. The Drudge Report has headlined almost every poll that discredits Obamacare as they have been published. However this is one of the most damaging because when asked will Obamacare make your health care better or worse, the majority will answer "worse."

Midterm election turn-out is a tough pull at best. When folks are dissatisfied with their party's performance, it gets even tougher because they tend to sit the election out and just stay home. No doubt, Obama will make some effort to "fire up" traditional Democrat voters prior to the elections; however, if the results of his efforts mirror the turn-out for health care enrollment, it doesn't bode well for Democrats.

All of this doesn't mean that Democrats intend to go down without a fight. Just yesterday, Democrats sprang into defense mode when Drudge Report founder, Matt Drudge, quipped he had just paid his Obamacare tax and he was "calling it a Liberty Tax." Within minutes a spokesperson for the White House had called his statement, "a flat lie," followed by multiple liberal critics who had quickly pounced on Drudge's statement to discredit him. (Refer to: "Timeline: Liberals race to shoot down Drudge's 'Liberty tax' Obamacare tweet")

High profile Democrat, Nancy Pelosi, showed her fighting spirit this week, thrashing a reporter who asked her a question about "Obamacare." “Affordable. Affordable. There’s a reason. Affordable. Affordable. Affordable. Affordable. Affordable,” Pelosi responded, correcting the reporter, “The reason they changed the name of it is because they wanted to get away, they, the opponents, from the word ‘affordable.’ And that’s why I’m impatient with some of these comments. Whatever it is, it’s infinitely more affordable than the path that we were on.”

Out of the many Obamacare hyperlinks on the Drudge Report this past week, the one link readers may enjoy most, peripherally related to political promises made about Obamacare and other issues is, "Politicians are good liars 'because they convince themselves they are telling the truth,' reveals study."

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