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Drudge editor: Charge EPA $75k a flush; their feces dumped raw in Potomac River

 Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Gina McCarthy
Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Gina McCarthy
Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images

"Whenever bossy bureaucrats at the EPA take a bowel movement at work on a rainy day, all the excrement floats right out into the Potomac River," claimed Drudge Report editor, Charles Hurt, on Tuesday in his Washington Times column. Hurt went on to describe how the untreated waste of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) then flows into the Chesapeake Bay, "helping to destroy one of the most important and compromised ecosystems in the U.S. today."

The Drudge editor believes it "utter hypocrisy" that EPA headquarters is flushing billions of gallons of untreated waste directly into the Potomac River each year while daring to threaten Andy Johnson, the owner of a family trout pond, "an oasis for wildlife such as ducks and geese," with fines of $75,000 a day for violating the Clean Water Act. The sheer hypocrisy of the agency prompted Hurt to ask, "Why not charge Gina McCarthy and every one of her EPA employees $75,000 per flush?"

The Drudge Report has used the immense power of its news influence to spread the story of what many consider to be an outrage of power by the EPA. As recently as four days ago, a central Drudge Report headline spotlighted a Fox News article about the defiant rancher who says he is being unfairly targeted and will defy the EPA even if he loses everything. The Fox News story which has captured the attention of more than just the Drudge report editors is: Wyoming welder faces $75,000 a day in EPA fines for building pond on his property."

The EPA federal headquarters, housing 5000 employees, is located a few blocks from the White House. On its website, annual energy and water consumption for EPA offices are listed. However, Hurt pointed out, the EPA does not list the gallons of untreated waste water flushed directly into the Potomac year after year by their employees.

The problem, as Hurt explains it, stems from the inability of the sewage treatment plant to handle storm runoff and sewage simultaneously. When rain floods the sewage system, billions of gallons of untreated sewage from the "dirty polluters" of the EPA building flush directly into "the Anacostia and Potomac rivers, which flow into the celebrated Chesapeake Bay."

To fix this problem, work has begun on "drilling giant underground tunnels to store this overflow sewage and storm runoff during rainfalls until the treatment plant can catch up." Perhaps, mused Hurt, the EPA is targeting "innocent American families," for unjustified fines to offset the $2.6 billion price tag to clean up their own federal feces.

Today the Drudge Report is featuring another EPA story, "EPA goes all in for Democrats." Highlights of this article reveal both the Democrats and Republicans have sought documents from the EPA as oppositional research for the upcoming 2014 elections. However, the Republicans' requests have not been processed while the Democrats appear to be flooded with papers from their requests. The Society of Environmentalists Journal claims the EPA's transparency doesn't compare well to previous administrations, saying, the EPA became “incredibly secretive, especially under the Obama administration."

Hurt isn't the only Drudge Report editor unhappy with what they consider overreach of government agencies, such as the EPA. Joseph Curl, the second of founder of the Drudge Report's staff of three, counting Matt Drudge himself, recently railed against government in general wondering when the American people would stomach so much that they would finally revolt by literally taking to the streets in protest. (Refer to: Drudge editor urges American revolt: 'Take to the street' for 'real change')

Recently, Matt Drudge, whose anti-government, anti-Obama passions never seem to flag, worried aloud, stating "My biggest fear as editor of Drudge Report is people are slamming off all news and politics. Disgusted, frustrated.. and going off the grid." Today's Drudge headlines seem proof that the Drudge Report and its editors, especially when exposing government hypocrisy and how the Obama administration's spying tactics have paralyzed journalists into silence, are resolved to point to government overreach whenever and wherever they find the stories.

Matt Drudge, fully on the grid, believes, "One common theme during conversations with national reporters: Critical investigative journalism is all but dead. Fear DOJ tracking sources."


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