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#DRIVECLUB shows off impressive visuals and tight controls at E3

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It was announced at E3 that #DRIVECLUB will be free at launch for PlayStation Plus subscribers. Obviously, this will be an important title to own at launch as Evolution Studios (Motorstorm franchise) is developing the title that will rival GRiD 2 and Forza Horizon.

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Spending some time with #DRIVECLUB, initially a picture is taken of the driver and used for stat tracking. Using the PS4 controller is very comfortable with this game as the controls are responsive and tight. The lighting casts excellent shadows and reflection off of the road surface and the cars. In a competition to either post the fastest lap on a coastal track, or accrue most points for drifting, live leaderboards were posted around the booth.

With the choice between the two super cars, a McLaren MP4 and a Hennessey, both cars were created in elegant detail. Running at 60 frames per second, the rendering of the course was flawless. The demo was strictly just the car and the track, as no A.I. was present. #DRIVECLUB is looking to be a good title to own at launch.