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Dr. Roger Leir, researcher of alleged alien implants, dies

Dr. Roger K. Leir
Alien Scalpel

Dr. Roger K. Leir has died, according to a March 15 post at the late podiatrist and ufologist's website, 'Alien Scalpel'. The Southern California researcher and author was widely known throughout the UFO community for his surgical removal and study of what some believed to be alien implants from the bodies of alleged alien abductees.

Preliminary reports suggest Leir passed away while awaiting foot surgery related to a 2010 car accident that occurred while returning home from the International MUFON Symposium. He apparently battled a long and unspecified illness as indicated in posts on 'Alien Scalpel', including an April, 2012 post concerning calls for donations and a June, 2012 post about a tribute and fundraiser.

Leir's controversial work was well supported by many, yet strongly criticized by others. He claimed the retrieved alleged implants demonstrated extraordinary qualities, consisted of amazing material and baffled prestigious laboratories.

Others were significantly less impressed, such as Ryan Dube of 'Top Secret Writers'. In an April, 2012 piece, Dube acknowledged some points that added support to Leir's body of work, yet also found it assumptive to conclude the objects in question were extraterrestrial in nature, even if they actually had the qualities as claimed. He also called into question the medical validity of conducting such surgical procedures.

Writer/researcher Robert Sheaffer drew similar conclusions. Sheaffer attended the 2012 tribute and fundraiser, and subsequently published a related post at his blog, 'Bad UFOs'. He cited a number of aspects of the proceedings and assertions commonly presented by Leir and associates that were extremely difficult to accept without substantially more documentation and review. Such assertions included claims of an alien implant that would scrupulously avoid surgical removal and abilities to scan potential alien abductees in order to identify implants, among others.

The post today at 'Alien Scalpel' described Leir as a great family man that will be missed. Those wishing to post condolences and make financial donations may do so at the website.

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