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Dr. Oz discusses dangerous 'Thigh Gap' weight loss diet and magnesium for energy

Dr. Oz spotlights dangerous new weight-loss trend: The 'Thigh Gap' diet
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Dr. Oz slammed a dangerous new weight loss craze that he thinks could lead to anorexia on the Feb. 25 episode of the Dr. Oz Show ("America's Dangerous New Diet Trend: Achieving the Thigh Gap").

Dr. Oz usually recommends fitness books on his show, but today criticized The Thigh Gap Hack for promoting an unhealthy body craze that has become extremely popular among young women.

Dr. Oz's guest was author Camille A. Hugh, who wrote The Thigh Gap Hack, where she recommends diet techniques such as "hunger training" to achieve the thigh gap, which occurs when your inner thighs don't touch due to a lack of fat.

Dr. Oz is upset that Hugh, whose "thigh gap" trend has taken the Internet by storm, may be encouraging eating disorders among women. "Don't you think you're training women how to starve themselves?" he asked Camille, who replied, "Absolutely not."

Hugh, who does not have a background in diet or weight loss, said she's not promoting starvation diets, but is merely encouraging women to not eat unless they're hungry. Camille admitted she didn't consult any medical professionals while writing her book.

Meanwhile, eating-disorder expert Dr. Jennifer J. Thomas told Dr. Oz she doesn't think Camille has bad intentions, but the message she's sending is unhealthy.

Dr. Thomas, author of Almost Anorexic, said the body-fat percentage Hugh recommends borders on anorexia, and said many women can't achieve a thigh gap without starving themselves. Dr. Oz agreed, saying his own daughters have been talking about wanting a thigh gap, but he doesn't think this is healthy for most women.

Magnesium Aids Weight Loss and Boosts Energy

Dr. Oz said if you constantly feel exhausted and run-down, it could be due to a magnesium deficiency in your diet. He outlined the common symptoms of magnesium deficiency:

  • irritability
  • exhaustion
  • anxiety
  • twitchy muscles
  • constipation.

Dr. Oz said magnesium is an often-overlooked mineral, but is crucial for heart health (it's a natural blood thinner), prevents diabetes and osteoporosis, and promotes weight loss.

You can take a magnesium supplement or enjoy these magnesium-rich foods throughout the day for sustained energy:

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