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Supplements tips to keep you fit and healthy

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The biggest challenge in dieting? Controlling your hunger. Dr. Oz has discovered the best appetite suppressants to help you meet that challenge and control your hunger 24/7! From food to supplements, here's what you need to know to make those dreams of weight loss a reality. Remember: it's essential to combine these with a healthy diet.

Glucomannan acts like a sponge in your digestive tract, says Dr. Oz. It reduces your body's ability to absorb carbs to help you lose weight. Take 3 times a day. Get details on NOW Foods - Glucomannan Powder by clicking here. Dr. Oz likes to add it to his green drink: click here for the recipe!

Pine nuts nuts stimulate CCK and GLP-1. Sounds like gibbberish, but Dr. Oz calls these "powerful hormones that alert the brain that the stomach is full." Enjoy a shot glass full daily. Can't find them in the store? Click here for information on Kirkland Signature Pine Nuts, which you can add to salads, smoothies, stir-fries and more.