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Dr. Betty Jones, play enthusiast, opens up Pacific Oaks' Evangeline Burgess Lecture Series

Young child learning through painting
Young child learning through painting
Photo by Takemoto/StockXChng


  • Susan Homma 5 years ago

    I graduated from Pacific Oaks and Betty Jones was my mentor. I received my MA Human Development four years ago. I wish that I had been informed about this lecture as well as Betty's retirement. She has influenced many people in the field of early child hood development. I stumbled upon this article when I was looking for some quotes by Betty to add to my college instructor web page.


  • Grace Hess-Quimbita 5 years ago

    Hi Susan,

    I hear your lament. My goal is to get information about speakers and keep folks updated about the state of progressive education in all its forms from various places and don't mind doing the work for you. Please check this site often and join my Facebook Page:

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