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Doyle unveiled: Former Misfits guitarist bringing new band to Fitzgerald's

As if his name isn't imposing enough, one look at Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein's impeccable physique, facial makeup and devilock hairstyle should be more than enough to send youngsters screaming for cover.

Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein, the former guitarist in The Misfits, brings his eponymous band to Fitzgerald's Bar on Wed. Aug. 27.
Courtesy: Adrenaline PR

Toss in Doyle's crunchy guitar sound ripping across songs such as Learn to Bleed, DreamingDeadGirls, CemetarySexxx, Love Like Murder and Hope Hell is Warm that include lyrics such as "What turns me on the most, is a girl without a pulse," and it's safe to say those same youths would have nightmares to scar them for life.

Then consider that if they had a chance to speak with Doyle -- who joined frontman Glenn Danzig in the legendary punk group The Misfits in 1980 when he was only 16, went on to reform The Misfits in 1995 after years of legal hassles within the group and whose brother Jerry Only is still in that band on bass and now vocals -- they'd discover a humble man of few words who nevertheless is not immune to laughter. They'd also find a guy who opens up the most not when speaking about The Misfits or his new solo band, but while discussing his girlfriend Alissa White-Gluz, who became the vocalist of Arch Enemy this past spring.

Besides, can a man who has his own hot sauce really be that evil?

Having released Abominator last October, Doyle brings his eponymous band (vocalist Alex Wolfman Story, bassist Left Hand Graham and drummer Dr. Chud) to San Antonio for the first time Wed. Aug. 27, headlining Fitzgerald's Bar with Ashylus (details at bottom). Click on the video box above for a lyric video to first single Valley of Shadows, which merely provides a sample of the sinister riffs and stomach-churning screams by Story that are splattered in true horror fashion throughout the album.

I phoned the 49-year-old New Jersey native Doyle, aka Paul Caiafa, earlier this week:

SAMME: Hi, Doyle, it's great to talk to you. We're looking forward to your visit here.
DOYLE: Cool, man! Is it hot there?
SAMME: Yeah, it's almost 100 degrees. Waiting for ya!
DOYLE: Alright, we'll cancel those shows (laughs).
SAMME: Congrats on Abominator. It's a fantastic album. When was the last time you played San Antonio in any faction, and do you have any special memories of here?
DOYLE: Heat. Heat. That's all I remember is heat. I don't remember the last time I played there.

SAMME: With this being your first record under the Doyle band name, how important was it for you to come out and let people know with a quality CD that you're more than the former guitarist in Misfits?
DOYLE: I don't know. I just write what I know. I didn't try to do anything, you know, particular. I just wrote some stuff.

SAMME: You definitely turn up the horror, necrophilia and murder imagery on this record to 11. What's your favorite track and why?
DOYLE: Actually, I wrote one word: Abominator. I think I like "Abominator" the best, I guess, I don't know.
SAMME: Is it more meaningful to you than the others for any particular reason?
DOYLE: Well, it's the last song we wrote. We didn't have a name for it. Just blurted it out one day, and I called my singer up and told him what we came up with, and he was like, "Cool, let's write a song." We wrote it, and that's it.

SAMME: You've had a special relationship with Chud and Alex for quite awhile. When you were putting your solo band together, were these basically the only guys you had in mind that could mold what you were looking for?
DOYLE: The only person, yeah, the only person that I knew that I could write with was Alex. He sent me a tryout tape years ago. It was the only one that I listened to every song off of. Every other one went right in the garbage. We just started writing like crazy. And Dr. Chud, he lives 20 minutes from my house.

SAMME: I watched your panel discussion from Kirk Hammett's Fear FestEvil (horror movie gala) in February with Kirk, Slash and Kerry King. I thought the funniest part was when the panel director asked how come there aren't anymore good "scream queen dames of horror," and you stated matter-of-factly: "Everybody hates to hear bitches scream."
DOYLE: Yeah!
SAMME: That gave me an insight into your sense of humor. What was the best part of that festival for you?
DOYLE: The best part was the panel. The rest of it was signing stuff and that's it. But the panel was really cool. I was really honored to be invited up there with those guys.

SAMME: I'm sure you've heard of the Housecore Horror Film Festival in Austin the week before Halloween that Phil Anselmo runs. Danzig has already been announced. You would be a natural to play there. Have you been in contact with Phil or the festival organizers to play there?
DOYLE: No, I have not.
SAMME: Would you like to play there?
DOYLE: Sure, I would like to.

SAMME: When I spoke to Glenn in 2010 (read here), I asked him why he went years without wanting to talk about the Misfits, and he said that wasn't accurate. He said that when he goes out on tour with Danzig, he likes to focus on the Danzig material and that the time to talk about the Misfits was when punk was more relevant. Do you embrace the cult status of the Misfits whenever someone expresses interest or does it get old for you?
DOYLE: Nah, it's just normal for me. It doesn't bother me one way or the other.

SAMME: Besides being older and presumably wiser, what was the biggest difference for you as a musician and in the group itself with the mid-'90s version compared to when you joined the band at 16?
DOYLE: I just learned how to play better, maybe.
SAMME: And anything about the music business -- were you just totally naive as to how the music business works at age 16?
DOYLE: I still don't know how it works!

SAMME: What do you think of Metallica's versions of Last Caress and Die Die My Darling?
DOYLE: I think they're great. I like Green Hell too, I think they did a great job.

SAMME: At the (Revolver Magazine) Golden Gods Awards last year, you played on stage with Glenn, and that awards show was known for taking place on the day Jeff Hanneman died. This year there, fans became aware that you and Alissa are dating. How did you guys celebrate her getting the gig in Arch Enemy?
DOYLE: We cried, actually (laughs). She told me, and she was crying when she told me. I'm like, "Is that bad?" She said (Doyle impersonates a higher-pitched voice), "No, it's great. That's my favorite band." Then when they did the announcement, she had to change all her social media (statuses) in the kitchen, and she said, "Don't talk to me till I'm done with this." She was hyperventilating while she was changing it all. She was like (Doyle makes hyperventilating sounds). Shut the computer, got up and went in the back, came back, and she started crying for, like, 20 minutes.

SAMME: Congratulations to you both for that. I guess the obvious question then would be, is there any chance of both of your bands touring together in the future?
DOYLE: We were just talking about that two seconds ago (laughs).
DOYLE: That's what we'd like to happen. We're thinking Slayer, Arch Enemy and Doyle. That's what we want to do.
SAMME: That would be fantastic. Can you promise me that you guys will bring that to San Antonio?
DOYLE: (Laughs) No. We can't get anybody to agree to anything.

SAMME: Most men, including me, would kill to have your physique at any age, let alone at 49. Have you been approached by fitness magazines or "Men's Health?"

SAMME: This tour ends on your 50th birthday. What kind of debauchery and fun do you have in store?
DOYLE: I'm going to count backwards. I'm going to be 48. . . . I'm gonna be with Alissa, and get the hell out of there!

SAMME: Finally, I have to know, what makes Made In Hell Hot Sauce different from the rest?
DOYLE: It's 100 percent vegan.

SAMME: Well, thanks again, enjoy the tour, safe travels and best of luck.
DOYLE: OK, thank you.

8/15 - Rochester, NY @ Montage Music Hall
8/16 - Stafford Springs, CT @ Stafford Palace Theatre
8/17 – Woodside, NY @ Blackthorn
8/18 - Long Branch, NJ @ The Brighton Bar
8/19 - Baltimore, MD @ The Metro Gallery
8/20 - Pittsburgh, PA @ The Altar Bar
8/21 - Columbus, OH @ Ace of Cups
8/22 - Elizabethon, TN @ Bonnie Kate Theatre
8/23 – Atlanta, GA @ The Masquerade
8/24 - Jacksonville, FL @ Underbelly
8/25 – New Orleans, LA @ Siberia
8/26 - Ft. Worth, TX @ The Rail Club
8/27 – San Antonio, TX @ Fitzgerald’s Bar
8/28 - Mcallen, TX @ Aces North
8/29 – Laredo, TX @ L.I.F.E Downs Pavilion
8/30 –El Paso, TX @ Tricky Falls
8/31 – Tuscon, AZ @ The Fly Catcher
9/1 – Phoenix, AZ @ Joe’s Grotto
9/2 – Fresno, CA @ Strummer’s
9/3 – West Hollywood, CA @ Whiskey A Go Go
9/4 – San Francisco, CA @ DNA Lounge
9/5 – Salem, OR @ Duffy’s Hanger
9/6 – Portland, OR @ Tonic Lounge
9/7 – Seattle, WA @ Studio Seven
9/8 – Spokane, WA @ The Hop
9/9 – Salt Lake City, UT @ Metro Bar
9/10 – Denver, OR @ The Roxy
9/11 – Kansas City, MO @ Riot Room
9/12 – Crest Hill, IL @ Bada Brew
9/13 – Kokomo, IN @ Centerstage
9/14 – Newport, KY @ Thompson House
9/15 – Lakewood, OH @ The Foundry

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