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Down to the wire: Badly neglected dog saved from death row

It was down to the wire for a badly neglected Cocker spaniel who was on death row at the Ramona Humane Society in San Jacinto, Calif. The dog, who is now known as "Violet," escaped death when she was rescued on Saturday afternoon by the rescue agency, ALL Animals Rescue.

Violet is free
ALL Animals Rescue
Violet is free
ALL Animals Rescue

Prior to the last minute reprieve, Violet had remained unnoticed at the facility because she has a condition known as "cherry eye" which had never been treated; the eyes had become terribly infected and painful and left potential adopters less-than-enthusiastic about offering her a home.

As soon as Violet was released from the animal control facility, she was taken to a veterinarian for a much needed exam. The rescue agency released the following information about the appointment, and the need for funds to treat Violet's eyes:

She is in desperate need of medical funding. Her (eye) surgery is close to $950.00 Her appt today was ok, $130 for antibiotics, pain shot etc..... but she must be shaved as she is matted so badly she is soaked in urine and had actual twigs caught up in her mats.

The veterinarian also determined that Violet is closer to nine years of age, as opposed to five years, as was stated by the facility. Violet is now out of harm's way - several large mats have been trimmed from her body, and she has been provided with pain medication and antibiotics. Tonight, for the first time in too long, Violet will sleep in a comfortable, safe the company of people who want nothing more than to see her happy and healthy.

The rescue stated:

This is a very special girl who has had a very bad life. She is now safe and going to be a princess like she deserves.

Anyone interested in making a donation can do so directly to the veterinary clinic at:

Atlas Vet Hospital, 1560 Hamner Norco, CA (951)737-1242, via PayPal to or at the rescue's website at

Last, but not least, the rescue agency has indicated that Violet is still in need of a foster home; anyone who might be interested is asked to fill out a foster/adopt application at the rescue agency's website at:

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