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Donkey Kong's Top Players Set to Battle at 'The Kong-Off'

Since the 2007 film “The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters” became a cult classic, many have clamored for the chance to see the best of the best at the classic Donkey Kong clash.

Many of the best Donkey Kong players ever will be facing off at The Kong-Off

They’ll finally have their chance later this month as The Kong Off event is held on March 19 and 20 at Richie Knucklez Arcade Games in Flemington, NJ.

Confirmed to appear is current Donkey Kong champion Hank Chien, former champs Billy Mitchell and Steve Wiebe, and a slew of top contenders from across North America, including MAME Donkey Kong champion Dean Saglio, Eric Howard, Ben Falls and Donkey Kong Junior champion Mark Kiehl.

“I met Billy Mitchell about 4 years ago on The Today Show,” Knucklez said. “He and I instantly hit it off. We have been collaborating on many different ideas over the years and felt that with the 30th birthday of the game coming up, it was time for a ‘Clash of the Titans’ on Donkey Kong.”

Media attention has been heavy as the event approaches, including the scheduling of a satellite radio broadcast covering the event, thanks to a phone call during the Tron Off event Knucklez held some months back.

“During our last event my wife and I took Billy, Steve Sanders, Todd Rogers and a few friends out for a fine Italian dinner. Bill's cell phone rang and it was East Side Dave from Sirius XM's Virus Channel,” Richie recalled. “Billy handed me the phone and introduced me as his manager. The next thing you know, we are hauling a Donkey Kong machine into New York City and they dedicated the entire broadcast to us.”

While numerous Donkey Kong champions and contenders will be facing off at the same event, Knucklez offered up a simple answer when asked to predict a winner.

Hank Chien,” Knucklez said.

In addition to the best in barrel jumping and ladder climbing action, numerous other gamers will be attending the event to play other titles, including Dallas-area Hall of Famer Ben Gold on Millipede, Steve Sanders on Joust, Joel West on Frenzy, Todd Rogers on Gorf, Bill Carlton on Missile Command and Pat Laffaye on Frogger.

Several celebrities are also expected to appear, according to Knucklez. He breaks news that television celebrity may be in his future as well.

“2011 is the year of the Knucklehead,” Richie said. “Watch for our very own TV series aptly titled ‘Arcade Culture’. Think American Pickers, meets Pawn Stars, meets American Restoration meets The King Of Kong starring the undeniably charismatic Richie Knucklez as your host, along with tons of cameos and celebrity game rooms.”

Those wishing to purchase the few remaining tickets to watch the Kong Off event can find out how at Those wishing to learn more about what goes on at nights at the Richie Knucklez Arcade can check out

Check back later in the week as this space speaks to some of the Kong Off combatants and be sure to subscribe today to be among the first to receive new s and results from the event.


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