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Don’t stop moving: Keep rising to the top

Don't stop moving
Don't stop moving
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I was standing next to a stranger one-day; he was clothed in neat attire, a very polite and articulate man. “Don’t stop moving/ Give it all you got/ and keep rising to the top,” he joyfully sang the lyrics to Keni Burke's hit song—Risin' To The Top. Immediately, I felt a burning sensation inside, and shortly after his departure, I realized the stranger had given me the secret to success.

Later that night, cuddled under a warm quill-comforter, I read a document that stated, “Dreams are only fulfilled when dreamers actively pursue them persistently.” The word ‘actively’ stuck out like a sore thumb, and then I realized—activity is one of the keys to vision fulfillment, and without movement, nothing is possible.

Anyone, who has ever fulfilled his or her vision, will tell you that an idle mind is the Devil’s workshop. So day-after-day you have to remain active, constantly moving forward until your vision is fulfilled. No matter where your starting point in life is. It could be in the ghetto slums or the penthouse, the farm or a middle-class suburban neighborhood. The bottom line is—don’t stop moving, give it your all and keep rising to the top.

Some people fearlessly conquer their fears, and believe wholeheartedly so they achieve enormously. But imagine if they would have been idle, sitting in front of the TV all day long, stuffing their mouth with junk food. Do you think they would have reached the pinnacle? Would they have found success in a world filled with stress? I think not. You see something magical happens when a dreamer pursues his or her dream. As they move forward in faith, doors begin to open and new levels are reached.

So don’t stop moving, give it your all and keep rising to the top. The time is ripe for you to blossom. You are the head and not the tail, and whenever in doubt, motivate your mind by saying with conviction, “I am not afraid, I was born to do this!” Say it in the morning, afternoon, evening, and even late at night before you go to sleep. Say it until it is embedded inside your soul. You were born a winner, and remember—winners never quit and quitters never win.

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