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'Don't come to Connecticut, there's cops and politicians who want you dead'

Connecticut State Police livid over pro-gun activists' stance against new gun laws.
Connecticut State Police livid over pro-gun activists' stance against new gun laws.
Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images

Gun rights activist and blogger Mike Vanderboegh returned home this evening from taking care of some family business, only to discover that friends in Connecticut had left him numerous warnings about traveling to the state.

"Don't come to Connecticut anytime soon," advised one, "There's cops and politicians up here who want you dead."

Vanderboegh created a stir just prior to Christmas when he sent empty high capacity magazines to a group of politicians and anti-gun journalists who have made it clear they wish to strip citizens of their Constitutional rights. He referred to the program as "Toys for Totalitarians."

Then, this week Vanderboegh sent a letter to each member of the Connecticut state legislature, particularly addressing those who voted in favor of the new highly restrictive gun, ammo, and magazine laws.

As reported Thursday, Vanderboegh's latest effort at getting the legislature to change its mind on its hardline anti-gun stance brought an unnerving response from politicians and anti-gun activists in the state. One in particular called for bloodshed and stated in no uncertain terms that any citizen who refused to register their assault weapons and high capacity magazines would be targeted by state police if those citizens called to report crimes. Police departments in the state will have the capacity to determine whether or not a citizen has registered, and if they have not done so the officers will show up not to arrest criminals but to arrest the "unregistered" citizens who made the call.

The fact that these shocking violations of basic Constitutional rights have been outed by people such as Vanderboegh hit a raw nerve among law enforcement and elected officials in Connecticut. As one friend told Vanderboegh, "Mike, the upper echelon of the Connecticut state police don't know whether to s**t or go blind."

This particular contact is himself a member of the Connecticut state police, who went further to say that "this is a PR nightmare and they (the upper echelon) don't know what to do about it."

Citizens around the country can rest assured that the intensity of the confrontation between gun rights activists and tyrannical government will only heat up. And Connecticut is not the only state that will feel the heat.


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