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Don't burn your wiener at the beach

There are very few beaches that you can take your dog to, and that is because many people don't pick up after their pooches, and that makes for a messy beach.

L.A. Doxies meet up at the beach.
L.A. Doxies meet up at the beach.
Mike Szymanski, Studio City Community Activism Examiner
At the beach, be careful for your Dachshund.
Brian Chu

There are a handful of beaches in Southern California that allow the public to bring their dogs to the beach, and that is a unique and wonderful experience.

The only thing funnier than seeing a Dachshund on the beach, is perhaps seeing a Dachshund in the snow.

There are some concerns about a Dachshund in particular, that you must take precautions about, according to a series of veterinarians and dog experts.

* The water gets deep for them fast. They are short-legged critters and even ankle-deep for you could be above their heads. Be careful and always keep a watchful eye.

* Waves can knock them over easy. They can be broadsided by a wave fairly easily and knocked over. Some dogs like that, but some don't.

* Some Dachshunds shouldn't swim. You know your dog best, but it could hurt their backs. One vet expert says that swimming is fine for a Dachsie, but if you're concerned then get a vest for the dog when it's in the water.

* Make sure that your dog doesn't get sunburned. Many Doxies have thin hair and sensitive skin. Make sure there is a lot of shade, bring an umbrella, and yes, they even make suntan lotions for dogs (keep them from licking it, and keep it out of their eyes.) See: Sun sensitive areas on dogs are at the tips of ears, the nose, the belly and the groin areas that have sparse hair coverage and thin skin.

* Always wash the sand and saltwater off the dogs and as soon as possible.

* Dogs can get heat stroke. It’s important for you to recognize the warning signs of heat stroke and if you see them, get wet towels for the dogs, and get them to a vet immediately. Bring a light spray bottle with you to spritz the dogs every few minutes. They may not like it, but they'll be cool. Pets that suffer heat stroke may have these symptoms: Excessive panting, Pale gums, Increased heart rate, Drooling thick saliva, Vomiting.

* Be careful what they're digging up and how far they dig. If the dog digs too deep, the sand can easily cave in on them. If they dig too much, they may find food or hazardous things they shouldn't be eating.

*Bring a beach towel just for your dog, too. It may be uncomfortable for them in the warm sand, and it may be uncomfortable to share a towel with them, so bring one just for the pups. CLICK HERE for a special Doxie towel.

* Bring lots of water. It's not just for you, it's for them. They shouldn't drink the salt water but they'll try, son bring fresh water for them as well as yourself and keep hydrated.

More than anything, have fun. If you want to check out the latest L.A. Doxie Meet-up in Santa Barbara's public dog beach, see the links and directions below.

Click here for details of where to go for the meet-up on Sunday:

Here's the message for the meet-up

Sunday's Summerland Beach meetup. It appears many of us are looking forward to it. Yippee.

The easiest instructions I can offer are... take 101 like you’re going to Santa Barbara. You’ll see the “SUMMERLAND” exits (after you past Ventura and Casitas Pass) and you’ll take the Evans exit. Go left as you exit and then left again (when you reach the stop sign) and under the bridge; the road directly dead ends at Lookout Beach parking lot as you cross the train tracks. It's pretty easy access off the highway. Park and go down to the beach and walk LEFT until you find us. We'll be somewhere down there. This patch of sand is a narrow strip so finding us shouldn't be too hard. Just follow the dachshunds.

There's another hidden parking area - but I recommend THIS ONE (the main one) for many of you because this spot has public restrooms - and after your trip you might need to go OR perhaps you'll need to go before you return home. (Follow the yellow dots in attached pic.)

Once you're out of LA, it's a pretty easy and enjoyable drive (I think). AND for all of you shoppolics, you will pass by Camarillo's Premium Outlets, if you want to plan a stop when returning home. Food for thought.

Looking forward to it on Sunday!

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