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Dog who disappeared in firestorm has a reunion, seven years later

An amazing reunion
County of San Diego Dept. of Animal Services Facebook page

According to Wednesday's Click 2 Houston News, a dog who vanished in 2007, in the midst of devastating firestorms in San Diego, Calif., has been reunited with his family.

The amazing reunion was made possible because years ago, the Labrador retriever's guardian, John Hartman, had a microchip implanted in his now 10-year-old dog, "Buddy."

The San Diego County Department of Animal Services took to Facebook on Monday with the incredible news:

In 2007 the devastating fires that burned through San Diego County left Mr. Hartman and his family without a home. Mr. Hartman called the Department and updated his contact information and notified us that Buddy was displaced after the fires and they were looking for him.

Seven years later, Buddy comes to the shelter on Gaines Street. When we scanned him for the microchip and called Mr. Hartman right away. The family was absolutely ecstatic that he was found!!

Some might call the reunion, after all of these years, a miracle...but there is yet another detail that makes the story even more amazing. The Hartman family left California after their home was destroyed in the fire and today, they reside in Oklahoma. Incredibly, at the time that Buddy was taken in at the animal shelter, the Hartmans happened to be in San Diego, visiting a family member. Because they were in the area at the time, the reunion was fast and Buddy was immediately able to travel back home with his family.

Fate, coincidence or destiny?

Suffice to say, Buddy was destined to join his guardians again - as the animal shelter noted, the reunion was made possible thanks to a $10 microchip.

Welcome home Buddy!

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