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Dog shot with an arrow and rescued by a sheriff's deputy

Dog hit with an arrow
Aggie Smith

According to Saturday's publication of The Spectrum, a pit bull who was shot with an arrow and left for dead in southern Utah was rescued by a Washington County Sheriff’s deputy on Friday.

On Friday morning, while traveling along Old Highway 91, Sgt. Kurt Bowen discovered a grievously wounded pit bull. Sgt. Bowen stopped to lend a hand to the injured dog, and phoned the Ivins City Animal Shelter for assistance.

While waiting for the animal control officer to arrive, Sgt. Bowen bandaged the dog's abdomen, which had protruding intestines through the gaping wound. According to St. George News, Aggie Smith, the Ivins Animal Control officer and director of the local animal shelter, responded to the call; she choked up while commenting on the dog's injuries:

“I’ve been doing this for nine years and I’ve seen a lot of stuff,”

“but (nothing) that bad.”

Bowen and Smith thought that the dog had been shot with a gun - but a veterinary exam revealed that the dog had been shot from behind by an aluminum or titanium arrow. The dog, dubbed "Sarge," maintained a sweet disposition, despite the severity of his injuries - Smith stated:

“He was just so sweet, I mean really,”

“just happy to see somebody.

In fact, the gentle dog was able to ride in the front of Smith's vehicle on the way to the veterinarian...his head rested upon her shoulder. Smith told St. George News that she cried on the entire ride to the Red Hills Animal Hospital in St. George.

Sarge underwent several hours of surgery at the veterinary hospital to help repair the damage inflicted by the arrow - his prognosis is good, but he is not yet out of the woods. His odds of surviving the cruel act were greatly increased by Sgt. Bowen's actions. Smith stated:

I was impressed with the sheriff and the responding officer,”

“If (Bowen) hadn’t stopped, the dog would be dead.”

Individuals hoping to contribute to Sarge's veterinary expenses can contact the Red Hills Animal Hospital, 658 S. 1100 East, at 435-656-8886.

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