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Dog rescued from hike in Sandias by Open Space officers in Albuquerque

Fin gets a safe trip back from hiking by his rescuers, the Open Space officers with the Albuquerque Police Department. What a lucky dog!
Julia Jones/ Facebook

Fin, a nine-year-old husky and Labrador mix is resting comfortably in his home this weekend, but last Friday turned out to be a real challenge for the 90 pound dog on his three-mile hike home in the Elena Gallegos Open Space Trail System in Albuquerque according to

Fin's human and another companion had been taking a hike; an activity that Fin had done before, but this time his owner, Julia Jones, noticed her dog began to limp and slow up. She took off her own socks and put them on Fin, but that didn't prove to be a solution because the socks wouldn't stay on.

Although they all tried to bravely trudge on to get back to the car, poor Fin was just in too much pain. "He just laid under a tree and wouldn't come out," Jones stated. At that point, Jones looked at his paws which were skinned and ripped.

The two women tried to pick Fin up and carry him back to the car, but the 90 pound dog and the 90 degree temperature made the journey too difficult.

Fin called friends and Animal Control; no one was able to come out to the site and help, so to the rescue came the Albuquerque Police Open Space officers who located the hikers and Fin by the GPS from Jones' cellphone.

The officers administered first aid to Fin, gave him water, and carried the pooch two-and-a-half-miles through the trail on a stretcher. Fin didn't move a paw.

The Facebook page of the Albuquerque Police showed how grateful Julia was for the help. After all, Fin, who is expected to make a full recovery, is just like her baby:

"Julia Montgomery Jones: Thank you APD! This was me and my dog, Fin. He really was injured really badly and I don't know what we would have done if APD hadn't come to our rescue. I am so, so thankful for the four officers who carried Fin two and a half miles through rocky canyons and narrow trails. They were so kind and professional. I am also thankful for the other officers it took to coordinate his rescue. You guys are the BEST! Thank you. Love, Julia & Fin the Dog"

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